Whats In My Bag – Summer Edition

Oh i love a good nosey don’t you? It can also be super useful to be nosey too, as someone may carry something and you think ‘Ah.. i could do with that in my bag/life’. Last year i showed my little bag of tricks off, my summer holidays coping essentials which included aloe vera, wetwipes, and all sorts.
This is my day to day bag of stuff that always comes with me wherever i go.
My everyday essentials!
Shall we take a look?

So the bag i’m using it the Orla Kiely Travel Pouch for my day to day running around. Its the perfect cross body compartment bag that is small but like a tardis is deceptively big on the inside (obviouly its not massive, i mean in comparison to a sac bag, but what i mean is you can get a fair bit of stuff in there comfortably)

Inside we have

1. Obligatory Red Lipstick (My Go to fave!)

2.Purse by Rebecca Minkoff Love this cuuuttte one (& going to treat myself!)

3. Pen for emergency note making (forgot my pad though!)

4.Hairbrush to tame the mane

5. Eye drops: hayfever suffering, contact lenses wearers best friend

6. Mints, ‘cos its nice to be fresh

7. A power bank for my phone, does anyone else find instastories drains their battery?

8. Blister Plasters! Aka Life savers.. Dear Compeed: THANK YOU!

9. Sleek concealer

10. Eyelure Eyebrow pencil for filling in any bits i’ve rubbed/sweated off

11. W7 Lip oil to avoid scabby lips

12. Frizz Eaze, travel size, again, in hope of taming the ‘fro

13. Wet wipes for sticky hands (mine as well as the kids)

14. Ibuprofen, for when the kids just wont stop talking

15. A bit of bronzer top up

And that’s it!! 

Whenever i have my bag filled with these essentials i know i can pretty much tackle anything that life may throw at me, from dog sick, to loss of eyebrows to huge inflated foot injuries (yes i’ve had to deal with all of those things.. life sucks sometimes, lol!)

What do you carry around that you couldn’t be without?



  1. July 5, 2017 / 10:55 am

    lip balm is a definite, and fold up bags for shopping – it took me forever to get into the habit of carry some around and now I feel lost without them!

  2. July 26, 2017 / 3:32 am

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