Tips for Taking Photos By Yourself (Selfies & Such)

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As you all know through the weeks i have to take my own photos as the husband is in work, but out of the two of us, he is most definitely the photographer. I have to scramble along when hes not around, but i have found some ways of making do without him to get my daily outfit pic. I used to ask my kids but the moaning and the accidental head chopping off was beginning to grate on me so i set myself up.
Here are a few of the things i do and use when I’m left to my own devices.

I currently have a Samsung S7 and its fine. Would i like an upgrade? Undoubtedly, but i’ve smashed one ohone this year already so i’m happy to plod on with this one. Its a good quality camera and used with the correct settings can get some sharp, crisp images.
For instagram shots i use the Phone camera not the Instagram camera as the quality difference is huge. On the camera settings I then change the size of the image ratio to 1:1 so i know it will automatically fit the Instagram size frame. This makes things a lot easier if i’m posting in a hurry. Otherwise you can use a scale app too.

I use a lightweight Tripod every day. I never realised how important in would become, but its integral to getting my outfit shots. I like one that i can chuck in the car or carry out to my location and not anything heavy.

Phone Adaptor for Tripod
Which obviously goes hand in hand with my tripod, a small but vital bit of kit that i attach and bobs your uncle, your phones attached. This is the one i have and is only a few quid

I don’t use a remote, but i know lots that do and prefer it, i use the timer and multi burst shots. After setting my tripod up in the right location and with an educated guess as to wear my head and feet will be I set my timer to 10 seconds and  3 shot burst. This is where i run into the shot and get myself shot ready. After its taken i check the images to see if there is any adjustments needed and shoot again. I can usually get this done in 3 takes and about 10 minutes (if my face is co operating… sometimes i pull some funny gibs ?)

An absolute essential for me is a Power Bank. Using social media and the camera will run your battery down extremely quickly. Having a power bank on me is important as i don’t want to have to be panicking that i’m running out of juice on what is essentially my form of contact for if the kids/husband needs me, as well as getting my shots done.

Natural lighting
Is always best, unless you have a studio of course, but for daily outfit pics natural light will always give you the best picture

I like to vary my backdrops and have mostly chosen greenery for the simple fact of its green where i live here in the Welsh Hills. Choosing a good place to shoot with good lighting will help a lot. I have a few spots i like to go to where i know i can set my tripod up easily and get my pics done without too many people wondering what the hell i’m doing.
I like to cary my locations each day but you may prefer to use the same simple plain backdrop each day. Its personal choice, but having a re set location will defintely help you capture your daily outfit pics.

Phone apps
I know lots of people tweak their images with lots of different apps, but honestly i just use Instagram to change the saturation and lighting if necessary.

Here are some great tips on the ever important selfie as researched by the Pro’s!

   Tips and Tricks: The Art of Creating Excellent Selfies

Do you ever take your own photos? If you do what do you do/use to ensure you get the shot?



  1. July 21, 2017 / 3:11 pm

    Great tips Rachel…I am not great at fashion photography with the phone, travel yes…so much to learn!! Thanks for sharing! That red lace dress is so fab too!


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