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This month i have been trying out lots of new beauty products. I always seem to dabble more with beauty potions and lotions in the summer month and less makeup and then vice versa come winter (i am ALL about eh makeup come winter!) I guess that speaks volumes about my mentality in each season. But enough about the psychologies of my beauty habits, lets get on to the good stuff shall we. The question is, have i found anything worth buying again/ will become part of my beauty favourites?

Yes and definitely yes.. in-fact, spoilers, i think its fair to say i pretty much loved all these products but more details shall commence!

Seascape Island Apothecary

 Seascape Island apothecary was probably my favourote find this month. A gorgeous cruelty free, responsible brand that offers divinity in a pot. Their products ooze luxury and smell and work extremely well.
The Unwind Body Lotion is possibly my favourite, the fragrance is strong, which i love, and has scented with jersey lavender and ylang ylang. I have this beside my bed and use some at night on my arms and legs as, not only does my skin drink it up and feel soft in the morning, but the scent is wonderful for relaxing and aiding sleep (something i’ve been very happy with of late after a number of sleepless nights!)
The Seasalt scrub & Soothe Body wash make an excellent shower duo and leave me feeling squeaky clean and extremely relaxed.
Lastly my other absolute favourite is the Peppermint Lip Balm, now to me this is both scrub and balm in one. Its gritty, which i didnt expect, however, i have been on the hunt for a good lip exfoliator as i wear a lot of bright lipstick and they often leave a residue or i need a good clear base to put them on. This provides an excellent scrub to the lips without feeling harsh. I wondered also if the peppermint would be tingly, which I’m not a fan of, but it isn’t, its extremely long lasting balm and comfy to wear on the lips. Again i like to put this on at night time for my lips to really relish in the moisture. For £10 this is an absolute bargain also and something i will most definitely repurchase (however a little goes a long way and the pot is very deep and filled to the top so i don’t think i’ll have to repurchase anytime soon!)
The last thing i want to say about seascape is the packaging, oh my word the packaging.. its simply beautiful and honestly i know i would absolutely love to receive these as gifts and would definitely buy friends and family them too.


 Another new brand to me but one i believe has been around a really long time is Weleda.
I received some gorgeous testers and this full size body wash in my lucky things meet up goodie bag. The Almond Skin Wash is the most delicate body wash i’ve ever used. This is absolutely perfect for those with extra sensitive skin, and for ahem.. delicate parts.. (tmi? Well y’know me well enough now, i’ll only ever speak the truth ?).
The Evening Primrose concentrate is for ageing skin and is full of goodness to help with elasticity and fullness of the skin. I haven’t used this much yet but i am about to start as its never to early to help your skin out a bit!
I have to say i am super impressed with Weleda and will be purchasing products from their website for sure

Simply Scrub

100% organic and natural Simply Scrub  is basically whole goodness in a pot. You actually couldn’t get more natural. The scrubs are amazing. I have the Rose Scrub which is the most delectable fragrance, and you are actually scrubbing your legs with petals and florals.. I’d actually never experienced anything like it and was blown away with the potency of the gorgeous scrub and how it left my legs feeling so soft afterwards. The Chocolate scrub is amazing for ridding fake tan. I had a build up of gradual tanner on my legs and i used this with a flannel and it banished all the tan residue wonderfully. The only thing i will say is that as it is natural and you are literally scrubbing with rose petals and such, then it can get a bit messy. I do mine in the bath but it did scatter through out. I didn’t mind one iota though as it left my bathroom smelling so so pretty and washed away very easily.

I highly recommend this if you like natural products and like me love to exfoliate your legs, espeically after fake tan! It really works a treat and there are no nasty chemicals or damages to the environment… win win!!

Embryolisse Eye Cream

 I love the feel of this on my eyes, it feels thick and moisturising. I struggle with eye cream as my eyes are getting crinklier by the day but yet nothing seems to help. I’m not sure if this is actually doing anything or not just yet, but it does feel nice. Do you have any eye cream recommendations?

A little bit of Hair
 Biolage RAW Shampoo & Conditioner and Bardou Finishing Spray

The new Biolage RAW range is incredible hair food. My hair literally laps it up. Now these aren’t particularly cheap (I caught my husband using it and i freaked out on him.. hes bald btw.. he says he likes how it makes his head feel ??? I asked him to refrain from using my special shampoo as its reserved solely for me lol!), but if you like to treat your locks to a really nice shampoo that leaves your tresses feeling like you’ve just stepped out of the salon, well these products are definitely for you. I have the Nourish range, and nourish it most definitely does.

Also on the hair front, a product so good its worth mentioning again is the Bardou Finishing mist.
This is my most favourite setting spray… ever! Its fine enough to not leave your hair feeling like hard and sticky but also holds your style and banishes frizz, which with this mop of hair, is vital. I’m so sad that i’ve just run out, but will be repurchasing for sure. I think i suddenly realised again how good it is when i resorted to a store bought normal hairspray that left my hair looking frizzy and unclean straight after styling. So yes, return to Bardou i shall!

Etern’l Night Cream via Harmony Life

After being super impressed with Harmony Life and their hair growth products I decided to give their beauty products a go. I needed a new night cream and heard excellent things of the Etern’l range which has won numerous awards in France, and if its good enough for those french chicks, well then it sure as hell good enough for me. And actually, i really love it, like really love it. The viscosity is thick and i love that in a nuit creme (that’s the extent of my french folks, and that’s just from reading the label?), i lather a lot on just before bed and let it sink in slowly. I wake up and my skin feels refreshed and the texture feels renewed if that makes sense, like there’s some elasticity back. I really like this product and have definitely seen some benefits to my skin since using.

Dr PawPaw Lip Balm

 This is the perfect handbag lipbalm, i had this in my gorgeous Social Brunch Club meet up goodie bag and i’m so pleased to have this little beauty. Perfect lipbalm for on the go that delivers a real hit of moisture, and its perfect barrier balm too

So there we have it, quite the extensive amount of beauty goodies.

Have you tried any new products this month that you would recommend?


  1. July 26, 2017 / 11:50 am

    It's really helpful to see your reviews of more natural products. I'm on the hunt for a good eye cream, my under eyes are looking very dehydrated and nothing seems to banish the crinkles. Let me know if you find one.

  2. August 7, 2017 / 6:57 am

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