My 6 Summer Essentials

I feel like we’ve actually been experiencing a true summer season of late. Generally we have a few nice days of warm weather then two weeks of rain. But for a change, it has been mostly fine and dry which is pretty much all you can want in summer and leaves me feeling so happy! There’s something so rejuvenating about the sunshine isn’t there. It is a real mood enhancer and i always want to soak up every second (especially seeing as you know it could change pretty quickly to rain and chilly).

Thinking back over the past few weeks of summery weather made me realise i have some real summer favourites, things that i am reaching for over and over again as they make my life easier and happy. Summer style to me is all about laid back easy style that looks great, is comfy and takes little effort, so anything that helps me feel that way is definitely worth investing in.

These are the things that i have been loving for summer so far!

Maxi Dress

 I have been love love loving Maxi dresses this season. Its funny because last year i think i shunned them, choosing the short equivalent each time, but i’ve been truly enjoying the long floaty airy styles. I love that if it is a bit chilly in the morning you still feel like you have a bit of coverage (like a wind break) between your legs and that fresh air. But as the day warms up you’re also not sweltering. Its just that no brainer, chuck it on, outfit done scenario that i just really enjoy and find so very easy

I absolutely love these, especially the red one, from JD Williams maxi dress selection. I love how the red one can be dressed up or down, perfect day to evening attire. And the tropical print dress is just perfect for sunshiny days.


So did i tell you the story behind my espadrilles? I have had these for an absolute age. I forgot about them though as they were buried under some storage in the attic. But since i fished them out i wear them about 3-4 times a week. I love how they just go so well with dresses, trousers, culottes, and skirts. They are my perfect summer shoe! And even though they have a wedge they are sublimely comfy. Sadly mine are almost giving up so it’s time i invest in a new pair. I’m thinking maybe a cool red pair would be good and i am loving these.

Denim jacket

Another item that is years old: my denim jacket. The same one gets pulled out year upon year and gets worn mostly over little summer dresses. I don#’t think it would infact be summer without my little denim jacket. A complete summer staple that works perfectly with al summer outfits. There are lots on the market now, from oversized to darker wash, but i just love mine to be cropped in at the waist so they fit perfectly with dresses.


I got these M:UK glasses a year or so ago and popped them in a draw and then promptly forgot about them. I found them again when i had a draw clear out and just wore them one day as they were the first thing i laid my hands on. Turns out though i love them! They’re not a dark tint, which i like as i hate dark tints (i have no idea why, i just feel like they impair my sight.. i’m aware that’s probably not true but yehhh) and the tortoiseshell rim is my absolute fave. I wear them all the time, and they’re a bargain £15!

Peasant top

Oh i would so not be without a lovely embroidered /peasant style top this season. Perfect on those days when you want a cover up, if its chillier (or if there’s super high air con on.. like the cinema, anyone else freeze in there?!) These feel summery and fun and add a littl coverage, whether that be from the chill or shade from the sun. I have lived in this one and each time i wear it people always ask where its from. They’re also great with skirts, jeans or under dungarees.


Having embraced the bikini for the first time in over 8 years {full post here} i am finally just going for it at any chance i get. If its sunny and warm and i can take some time off i will be heading to the beach, without a doubt! It is my happy place and finally being happy in my own skin means i am happy to wear cute bikinis and have fun!

So those are my 6 essentials this summer, things i have been using/wearing over and over again and will continue to throughout summer. These are all things that help me feel happy in the sunshine.

What have been your summer essentials so far?


  1. July 11, 2017 / 1:41 pm

    Mine? flip flops, sunglasses, lightweight scarf – great for covering shoulders in high heat – maxi skirts, Toms classics (for when flip flops won't do), and the last thing I want but don't yet have, a big floppy sun hat

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