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It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the lovely Sharee, after my honest post of being small chested and learning to love it after years of self loathing, its great to have Sharee speaking from the opposite side of the spectrum.

Please welcome Sharee:

Ok I admit
it….The following sentences fills me with dread! “bikini

 The fear of wearing a bikini…so much so that for my
upcoming holiday I purchased swimming costumes and told myself under
no circumstances am I to wear a bikini. You see I have what you call
an ample bosom. Having been blessed/cursed (however way you want to
look at it) with FF boobs since my teenage years and ever since then,
trying to hide them away but hey I guess I’m stuck with them right? 

Im guessing you may be thinking well why not have a reduction if you
hate them that much? 

Don’t get me wrong I have thought about it but
then I thought why the hell should I? 

People pay for boobs like this!
It’s that old chestnut isn’t it- 

We as Women as never happy with
what we have body wise and always want the opposite to what we have
and imagine life would be so much better with that but as I’ve got
older I’ve learnt this is not the case and slowly come to realise
at the end of the day, we get what we are given and you only have
that 1 body and you should truly embrace it (even the bits you’re
not that keen on).

I know I’m not
the only 30 something female to feel self-conscious in a bikini but
as women I feel the pressure we put on ourselves is immense and its
enough to give you sleepless nights! But at the same time it’s
something which is a total waste of worry, I openly admit though that
I still do this and constantly judge myself and wonder what other
people think of how I look. The pressure on young girls these days
must be truly horrific, I think we have social media to “thank”
for this one! 

How the media portrays what the ideal perfect body must be
and make you feel that if you don’t conform to the said portrayal
you are somehow less of a woman or not accepted?


But here’s
the thing 99% of those pictures aren’t even real! The girl in the
photo doesn’t even look like the girl in the photo? Go figure! The
joys of numerous filters and Photoshop! 

Which brings me to a post I
did recently which was featured in Look Magazine to promote their
#GetRealIssue, again about the pressures to look perfect and to upload
a photo explaining how many attempts/filters etc you used before you
were happy with it. I was thrilled to be featured as it’s something
I feel very passionate about. 

So anyway back to
the Boobs and the reason for this post……One morning on holiday
whilst getting ready for a day at the beach I put on my black
swimming costume, minimiser bra underneath, trying to flatten them
down, hunched my back so it looks like I don’t have a chest, and I
thought I can’t exactly walk round 24-7 with a hunched back as that
will lead to other problems! I caught a glimpse in the mirror and
thought why am I doing this to myself? I’m the only person judging
me, no one else is and anyway 9 times out of 10 those said people you
think are judging you are only wanting to do the same thing and have
exactly the same hang ups. 

So I guess what I’m saying is just go
for it Ladies and embrace your gorgeous selves! I know I don’t fit
the ideal “perfect” (whatever that may be) but you know what I
don’t want to be! I’m the best version of me and that’s all
what matters. So here I am embracing the boobs on holiday & I’m happy to report the swimming costumes were
banished to the suitcase ?

Thank you for
reading and don’t forget to love who you are and how you look.

Sharee xx 


RTH: And doesn’t she look amazing!!! I absolutely love bringing this series to you all and showing a true representation of diverse ladies.. this is what should be in the media, women of all shapes sizes and ages. 

Thank you Sharee and amazing well done on your bikini shots and journey to self love!

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