June Love List

June has been a rather fab month. The UK rejoiced when we had a lovely spell of beautifully hot sunny weather, not just because we got to wear our summer clothes, but also because it gave us all a good dose of Vitamin d (as well as a lot of sweat and a little bit of heat exhaustion, lol!) and made everyone so very happy.
I also stepped out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion, which always leaves me feeling exhilarated and pleased with myself.

So here’s what I’ve been loving this month:

1. Fashion

It’s been a lean month here on new items, which is nice as i’ve been wearing what i already own lots more, however I’m selling some other pieces off (find them here  and all under a tenner) and i’m looking forward to adding a few pieces to my wardrobe. i’m dreaming of this absolutely dreamy jumpsuit which would work so well for those summer days that aren’t overly warm and also this bargain dress. It appears i’ve come over all floral as i absolutely love these two.

2. Food/Drink

I haven’t experimented much this month as with our heatwave (that has now disappeared sadly :() we ate lots of salad and it was delicious, especially when the lettuce, spinach, onions and broad beans were freshly picked from our garden. However my gorgeous friend has started a Vegan cake company
and oh my word.. they are divine. She brought me the most spectacular Gluten free vegan cupcakes I have ever tasted.

3. Beauty

I’ve been going super easy with makeup this month, but making sure i wear lots and lots of moisturiser. This month i’m currently trying the Etern’l Collection from Harmony Life. I’m a big fan of Harmony Life (its where i got the hair growth treatments from, which were incredible) and their products, so thought this month i would try some new potions. The Etern’l range is a French favourite winning multiple awards. So if its good enough for those gorgeous ageless french chicks, well its worthy of a shot isn’t it! I’ll keep you posted on my results in a month or so as its always great to find new creams that actually do what they’re supposed to. So far i am really like it, the consistency is a beautiful thick viscosity that feels very luxe, when i wake up in the morning my skin feels softer, which is great.

4. Media

Reading like a demon as per and i actually joined the library last week in order to save my purse as i was buying 2-3 books a week at some points. So i am not a proud member of the community run library. They were so nice and accommodating when i joined too which was just so sweet.
I’m currently reading Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny and enjoying its wit and interesting views.

5. Life

Of course this months highlight was The Lucky Things Meetup. Filled with uncontrollable giggles, inspiration and non stop chatter. I left the day exhausted and with face ache from all the smiling and chatting. The full catch up post is here if you missed it

So lovely friends, its share time! What have you loved during June? I honestly love to hear what you’ve been loving/doing/trying!
Let me know in the comments below!


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