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I think (I don’t remember.. that’s terrible isn’t it) I mentioned a few months back that we’ve been slowly decorating our bedroom. Slowly because neither of us has much inclination when it comes to interiors most of the time. Take me clothes shopping for anyone and i will happily put outfits together all day long, but put me in charge of interiors and suddenly i feel a bit lost.
That’s not to say i don’t enjoy a nice, well decorated room, far from it in-fact. As our bedroom slowly takes shape I find myself loving it more and more.
My taste varies from room to room it seems, downstairs in our lounge you have eclectic pieces and colours, and walls filled with pictures and plaques and quirky ornaments.
However as a contrast upstairs in our bedroom, it is all muted white, clean lines and minimal fuss. I think what makes this work for me is that this is my room to sleep, and the less busy it is the better rested i am.

So yes, the bedroom is my sanctuary (and not my laundry dumping ground!.. see the chair below, that is never covered in clean clothes.. ever.. maybe;) and doing it up slowly but surely has been a pleasure.
This month we treated ourselves to a new bed. Something that was well overdue.
Our old bed was making us feel like 80 year olds every morning with crippling back pain and exhausted from too many un-rested nights sleep.
We went to Dreams and bought the Cooper Ottomon storage bed. Its grey upholstered and has the most amazing storage underneath (perfect for this small house filled with people and stuff and this shoe hoarder!) and then we chose a medium firmness mattress. Its a sheer delight to go to bed now.
I can’t even explain how wonderful it is to wake up each day and not have back ache.

I have soft furnishing pretty much covered but a few more cushions from Matalan would finish things off well (their cushions, by the way, are fantastic, great quality and small price tag, the pink one above is from there and the quality is far far better than the H&M ones i’ve previously bought.

So there’s a couple more things i want to tackle to get this room to the place of completion:


I really need to update the lighting situation in here as it is terrible! This tends to be the room i get ready so needs to be good for makeup etc. I am also considering starting up my Youtube channel again, and this would be where i film, so lighting needs to be light and bright. At the minute it is dull and yellow which really detracts from the nice white calmness i’ve been trying to instil in this room.

So Lighting inspiration comes Lampcommerce who have a huge array of fancy, practical and down right amazing light solutions

I really like the idea of having a feature lampshade as a focal point in the room. Something a bit unusual but that also lights the room well.

Artemide has some great lamps solutions. The gold lamp below is by Artemide and is MY FAVOURITE! I love the idea of throwing in a little mustard colour with the grey and pink, its an odd pairing that just works so incredibly well and, again, adds a little more interest without being fussy.

The second addition is


I have a small collection above the bed, but there is another wall that is still pretty empty and as much 

My step Daughter recently introduced me to Society Six and they have an amazing selection at really reasonable prices and in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and designs. I’m really impressed with their site so far!

Once i finalise these last few bits I think I will finally be happy with the room. And i have to say through the process of decorating I think i may be a little more converted to interiors than i originally was. By taking my time with the process it’s helped me to find pieces i really like and therefore made me really happy with the room.
Next up is my halls stairs and landing.. which is going to be a slightly epic job!

Are you doing any interior decorating in the near future?

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  1. June 15, 2017 / 11:43 am

    I've recently done my dining room. It's now so refreshing to walk into compared to how it used to be ie it was red. My daughters painted it red a few years ago as a surprise. They are now old enough to say 'good' when I told them I was redecorating in light caramel.

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