May Love List

May has been a bit of a wash out of a month, I think.. its all a bit of a blur, but i distinctly remember rain and lots of it, but the forecast is saying sunshine for the next few days and i can not wait to see the old current bun once again. There are a few things i have loved this month but what i’m really looking forward to is getting out and about again once the nice weather appears (it came, and then it went sadly!), Plus next week is half term here with the kids and i have some exciting plans with Neo, so June could be quite a fun month!
Have you had a nice May so far? Are there any standout moments for you this month?


This month I have been all about the maxi’s.. maxi dresses and maxi skirts gimme gimme gimme. I think it’s because for the in-between weather these still provide that bit of coverage but satisfy my mind on the whole “It’s spring, get out of jeans already” front
I am loving this Dr Denim skirt i bought, so much so I wore it 2 days on the trot and could actually have worn it for the whole week. Skirt love, completely and utterly. Its just the perfect transition from jeans to skirt, plus its super versatile.


This month has been the same old same old on repeat it would seem. But i have been enjoying making big old pots of stews and minestrone. In particular the Deliciously Ella Sweet Potato and Chickpea stew is an absolute favourite in this house

3. Beauty

I’ve been wracking my brain as to if i’ve used anything new this month, then i remembered I did my whole base layer post and that would probably be my favourites right now, as getting the base right is so important for me and my crappy skin

4. Media

Struggling to get in to a good book at the moment. But I can’t not mention Guardians of the Galaxy 2! To put some context here, as a family GOTG1 it is probably our most watched film. If you’re ever a guest in our house for the evening and we’re vegging out watching movies, our suggestion has always been GOTG. We have the soundtrack, Neo has a Peter Quill outfit and a toy Milano. We love it. It was fun, quirky sci-fi and just brilliantly written. We were SO excited to see GOTG 2 that we went the day it came out and waited for half an hour before the trailers even started so that we got good seat (yes, we are major geeks).
So was it good? Yes, it was.
Was it as good as 1? No.
Simply put, it just wasn’t as good for me (or us as a family, we all actually agreed). I think where the first one had humour in the right places with side jokes and funny moments here and there it was all perfectly timed. I really feel like they went full comedy mode on this one and found some of the jokes didn’t need to be in there. A lot of Drax’s character traits had changed and he had suddenly become this constant joke cracking character and laughing a lot. I mean i get character development, but this seemed a lot in a really different direction to how he originally was. I enjoyed the Father story-line, i’m a big Kurt Russell fan, and his part was acted so well, really enjoyed seeing him on the screen again too. But it did feel like there was a lot of side stories going on, with Rocket, Nebula and of course Yondu, that took away from Peter Quill somewhat.

Overall an absolute must see, and i think maybe when it comes out on DVD and i watch it again, maybe i’ll grow to love it a bit more, its just that when the first was so good, 2 had bog shoes to fill and it just didn’t make it for me.  However, still a really enjoyable film and definitely worth a watch!

5. Life

We planted our vegetable garden about 6-8 weeks ago it is doing so so well. I am absolutely loving it and so is the husband. We spent about 5 hours potching and planting on Sunday together in the sun, chatting and talking. Not only is it satisfying to see the things we planted growing each week, but its lovely to spend time together and have a hobby we both enjoy. We’ve already learned so much and are making plans to extend the plot this autumn winter in preparation for Spring enabling us to plant more going forward. So far we have cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, spinach, beetroot, broad beans, onions, carrots, peas and potatoes.  I’m so excited to eat something that we grew from seed ourselves. I shall, of course, keep you posted. But yeh, majorly rewarding and enjoyable! Highly recommend, even if you only have some pots to plant, do it it! Watching your seeds grow is a brilliant feeling
(and this is coming from a previous serial plant killer!).

And thats it!  A quiet month, but none the less its flown by!

Looking forward to what June has in store.

What have you loved this month?
Let me know in the comments, i really love to hear about what you’ve been up to!


  1. May 24, 2017 / 11:37 am

    Sometimes a quiet month is much needed, isn't it? My May has seen a lot of tense football matches, a couple of gigs (one of which featured a surprise appearance from Mr Jeremy Corbyn no less) and ends next week with a trip to Newquay to see my brother-in-law, his missus and the kids. I'm hoping this sun sticks around for that bit longer. It's been years since I've dipped my toes into the sea, in England anyway.

  2. May 24, 2017 / 5:27 pm

    I'm looking forward to sunshine at the weekend too. We use Deliously Ella recipes a lot in our house. Love her chickpea curry.

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