Gift Giving Done Right

Wedding season is upon us folks, and if its not a wedding you’re attending, it could be a christening, graduation or even a special anniversary.
I don’t know about you, but in this house not only do I have to think about what outfit I’m going to wear, but its always, always down to me to buy the gift.
I’ll be totally honest though and say i revel in the fact that i do the present shopping, because over the years i have honed my present buying skills well and love to give thoughtful, well executed gifts to loved ones.
So with a big ol’ Italian wedding for my brother in law and his future wife coming up (who is also from an Italian family.. are you grasping how big and wonderful this weddings going to be? The food will flow and so will the alcohol and the dancing.. it shall be quite the day i’m sure) not only have i started planning my outfit, the kids outfits and also making sure the husband is presentable (the man detests a suit and tie.. compromise is my mantra when dressing him) but i’ve started to think about the gift.
Its such a personal thing gift buying isn’t it. To stray away from the usual John Lewis vouchers or toaster or set of plates is what I find best. There are plenty of relatives to buy the cutlery sets and the glassware, i’m going off piste and personal with something a lot more personal with UncommonGoods.

Uncommon Goods, if you didn’t know already are one of those fab individual companies who make gift giving all the more easier. They’re also a pretty neat company with a fab ethos in giving back and sustainability, which makes buying from them all the more nicer. I have the link stored in my favourites for occasions where I know i want that special something.

So.. Options? Yes lots.. Here’s what i found

These are my favourite items for Unique and amazing wedding presents 


(Personalised chopping board for a pair of Italians.. perfect no?)

And if you’re not off to a wedding this year maybe there’s a celebratory anniversary (all anniversaries should be celebrated in my eyes!
Quirky individual pieces are my favourite and these are some of the best i have ever seen (i.e i want the all) I love the unusual, the offbeat and different and these are definitely that


One of each please!

Gifts for him, that significant other, dear dad or brother. (FYI fathers day is next month.. be ahead of the game people!)
Love these pieces for men as i often come unstuck when trying to buy for my husband, the man who wants and needs for nothing, but here there is plenty to choose from.


Music lovers, Beard owners, gardners and tool users.. sorted!

Options for EVERY man you may know here. I actually bought the beard kit for Salvatore for Christmas and he uses it all the time (hes a very beard proud man, lol), but whether their interest is gardening (like my dad), drinking good whiskey or music, there is some thing quirky for them.


Ok so i can’t not include something for the ladies because the options are just way too fab to not include.


Here’s looking for all the fab ladies in your life, mums, sisters, daughters, friends


Colour wheel of prettiness
The umbrella of dog lovers dreams.. It actually comes with your choice of dog breed imprinted on it, so if you have a Labrador lover or a beagle owner they can have the best umbrella ever..
Amazing i know!

Unicorn and Rainbow earrings and dreamy kimono lounge robe

I hope this may have helped on the unique gift giving idea front. I know i am pretty much sorted for the foreseeable.

Do you enjoy shopping for gifts? And do you have any favourite haunts for buying them?

This is in collaboration with the lovely people at uncommon goods,Thank you for reading and supporting the brands and great companies that support RTH


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