To Bardot or not to Bardot.. That is the question

Last week i was talking about Embroidered peasant style boho blouses; a spring essential.
This week I’m turning to the other style that is in abundance this time of year:
The Bardot Top.
That off the shoulder trend is still present after making a come back last year.
Now this is a style i struggle with slightly, not because it isn’t pretty, because ladies let me tell you, this style can be very, very flattering, showing off a little of the collar bone can be tres demure, but for me its the practical factor. As in practical, they are not.
For me these tops just scream ‘Annoying & Uncomfortable’, like you’re going to spend the majority of the day adjusting yourself, which is just soooo not how i like to dress.
When i put a top on i don’t want the sleeves to be ping up around my shoulders so i have to keep yanking it down, or feel like i cant reach up because, yet again my silly sleeves will ping up.
And yet there is a Bardot scratch that needs itching.

So today my lovelies, i went hunting for some Bardot tops, pretty but wearable ones, I have done the shoulder test to see if they are irritating and ping out of place in hope that this may help or assist if you too are looking to trial the trend.

Gingham Goodness

{ Gingham Bardot}

The first two are actually from F&F and i will say i  was really surprised with the quality, the on trend designs and the small price tag. There were quite a few things that would not have looked out of place in Zara or Mango.

These two above and below were examples of exactly that. 

Firstly, bang on trend with the bold gingham, bardot style and fluted sleeve, this little number is a pure delight. The shoulders/sleeves once arranged seemed pretty secure, i picked this up in the 8 and it was a good fit everywhere. 

This is a definite favourite and could be remixed through spring summer with culottes, white jeans and even some cute denim shorts.

Verdict: Love!

 Untucked and tucked it worked tremendously well

Embroidered and Frilled 

Next up i was astounded by this beautiful little top; bardot, embroidered and pom poms.. a complete delight. 

The elasticated shoulder was tight and made me feel secure, when i did the arm rise test it didn’t ping off which made me love it all the more. The cheesecloth-esque fabric made this top perfect for summer. Sadly i can’t find it online at all, but the next time you’re passing Tesco be sure to pop in and try it on (and most likely buy;) I think it was a mere ÂŁ16.00 too so won’t break the bank.

Verdict: Love!

Nautical Stripes

{Stripe Deep Bardot}

Next up we have a t-shirt material, stretchy number. from Warehouse. The navy and white nautical style is, of course, spring perfection and i have to say this was very, very comfy. Again this would work well with culottes, skinny jeans, white jeans, shorts or a denim skirt. Versatile and comfy, this one definitely gets a thumbs up. Only downside, i took ages arranging the fold down bardot part, my ocd and getting the stripes just right was annoying the heck out of me, but once done it stayed put and looked great. Lovely little top.

Vedict: Like

Shirty in Pink

{ Pink Bardot}

Another from Warehouse now and a big fat fail. This was a size 10 and was bloomin’ huge! the shoulders were actually saggy and was like there was no elastic in them to hold it up. The fabric is very starched crisp shirt style, but also creased really easily and showed too. There are bows on the sleeves and because of the crisp fabric they just didn’t fall right.

All in all it was a really bad fit and style. Lovely colour, but one i definitely wouldn’t buy.


Emerald and frilled

{Green Ruffle Bardot}

This was unexpectedly pretty on. I love bright green and in real life the green is actually quite vivid, it does look more green than teal in person.

This is the a size 8 from Dorothy Perkins and I really like the fit of this one too, the perfect amount of elastic made this comfy on the shoulders, it didn’t dig in, but it didn’t ping off easily either.

I can imagine this at garden parties throughout the summer. 

Paired with black  cropped trousers for a retro feel this could look very smart. Equally this works casual with jeans too.

Another great little bardot number.

Verdit: LIKE

The tucked and untucked trial, which is all important in my books.

Broderie Anglaise

{ Broderie Bardot Blouse}

Lastly, some classic Spring Fabric, Broderie Anglaise; so so pretty. Sadly the top did not do much for me at all. There was a lot of extra fabric around the middle adding a lot of unnecessary bulk. The fabric was lovely, but the little tie to the front looked scraggly and a bit pathetic and impossible to get a half decent bow. This one also felt like it wanted to travel up my shoulder and ping off, but i would say this could be worn nicely pulled down or just on the cusp of the shoulder, so it could work. The sleeves are full length and actually are lovely in size (not too big), but sadly the extra billowy middle put me off.

Verdict: DISLIKE

So there we have it, Bardot top shopping has proven interesting as i honestly thought i didn’t really like them prior to this try on session. I think the key is to try on a few different types of off-the-shoulder styles to see what feels right and sits nicely on you. 

Now the question is, which one should i go for?

Which is your favourite? And have you invested in a Bardot style yet yourself?


  1. April 11, 2017 / 12:55 pm

    My favourite two by far are the F&F one's. I wonder sometimes, because I have actually looked at those two, If I could get away with wearing these at my age. I think they all look gorgeous on you Rachel x

  2. April 11, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    I think the off the shoulder tops which refuse to stay off the shoulder are just plain ridiculous and annoying – no matter how cute they look when your arms are down. I've gotten a couple tops and a dress, all more structured so that everything more or less stays in place. But I will say you found some pretty adorable tops.

  3. April 11, 2017 / 4:35 pm

    I'm afraid they'd be like an itch I had to scratch. I'm irritated just looking at these pictures. I want to rub my shoulders frantically.

  4. April 11, 2017 / 6:39 pm

    Definitely love the first two. They look great on you. I think I will pop down to my local store ?

  5. April 11, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    The first two look gorgeous! I know all about the struggle though, I have a bardot dress that I constantly have to do a little adjusting dance whenever I wear xx

  6. April 11, 2017 / 7:56 pm

    Every since I discovered the hairtie trick, I have been loving the OTS trend. Get two small safety pins and a stretched hairtie and pin it so that it makes an under the armpit holder. As long as the hairtie is not to tight and the pins are small it works a treat. Lots of online tutorials out there if my wordy explaination makes no sense 🙂

  7. April 12, 2017 / 8:38 am

    I love these types of post, Rachel – they're brilliant! My favourites are the gingham one and the striped one. I love Bardot tops but I know what you mean about constantly readjusting the shoulders. They also call for a strapless bra – something else which I can't stand wearing but is unfortunately essential in some cases.

  8. April 13, 2017 / 2:42 pm

    Brilliant research you've done here – I'm like you think they look good (but on other people). I can't bear all the faffing around that goes with wearing bardot tops. However I am tempted with the gingham

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