April Love List

April has been a good month, like really good. The blossom is blooming, the weather has been dry and in-fact beautiful some days and life has been good.
After a crappy start to the year it feels like things have finally managed to turn around. I wake up happy and i go to bed tired and happy.. I want to bottle this feeling and take a shot of it on days when i’m glum. It has made me realise how good life can be when you choose to be happy and actively seek it out instead of waiting for it to fall in your lap.
Ok, so yeh.. happy, happy happy.
How are you? How was your April?

So this months noteworthy lovely things:


This month i have been absolutely in love with red.. red, reddy-red red, anything an everything red. I mean, this isn’t a new development, red is just my bae.. i have a life long love affair with this colour of choice. Everything seems to have that pop of colour in it for me, or the whole outfit indeed revolves around it. This embroidered top in particular is my complete favourite. I would happily wear it every day if that wasn’t just a tad trampy ?

2. Eats

I’ve not eaten out anywhere new this month (Zizzi’s has become a fast and easy favourite), but i have been cooking some feasts up in the kitchen. I’ve been dabbling with tofu and abslutely loving it, its so versatile. My favourite has been the Vegan Brunch i made Salvatore and I with all the works including my fist (and successful!) attempt at scrambled tofu. It was divine. Takes a bit of time, but was very much worth it! Looking forward to making this whole brunch again soon.

3. Beauty

Nails.. Oh how i love to have my nails done. I feel like me when my nails are done, and it is rare that they aren’t done. One of my boys school friends commented to her mum about how my nails are always coloured in, haha! I just feel like with nails painted it detracts from my dishpan hands (life without a dishwasher will do this to you!). This is my 3rd set of shellac gel nails and i am a total convert. Being severely heavy handed and clumsy (i jammed my thumb in the tripod this morning.. then proceeded to scrape my fingers against a wall by accident.. Such a plonker) gel nails seem to be the only thing that stays on my actual nails. I had 2 weeks off in between my latest application, as constantly wearing gels can weaken the nail, and so in-between i painted my nails with a normal nail polish.. it didn’t even last 24 hours. Gel is the only way.
I’m quite boring with the colour, its usually a classic red or black, or sometimes a really dark navy, but that way i know it will go with everything i wear.
Have you ever had a shellac mani?

4. Media

I’ve been reading up a storm this month and thoroughly enjoying some light hearted reading and a little bit of escapism.. Would you like a full run down on things i read lately? I’m thinking of doing a blog post as i’ve really read some fab books of late.
The latest was The Cows by genius author and TV presenter Dawn O’Porter. I’ve had the utmost respect for this lady for years and i was absolutely enthralled by this feminist read with a plot and characters based around 3 different women. Brilliant read. Light hearted but with some serious key notes. I thoroughly enjoyed, was gutted when it was over but felt that i actually took a lot from the book too. It has poignant truths skillfully written in a lighthearted demeanour. Loved.
Tv wise, we’re really stuck in a rut. Nothing new is catching my eye, so we reverted back to our old favourite that is actually one of my top 5 all time favourite tTV programmes: Spaced. Have you ever watched it? I fear if you are a millenial baby then you may not appreciate it.. i’ve tried showing some younger people and it was kinda over their heads.
Written by and staring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson is a Brit sitcom filmed in the late 90’s. It has loads of old film references and brilliant throw backs. I love it. I’m a huge Simon Pegg fan and this is possibly one of my most favourite things he’s ever done. Nostalgic and comedy value is sheer genius in this 2 series sitcom, of which you can get both on  Channel 4 Catch Up here

5. Life

Neo has found the love of bike riding. It was something that hadn’t struck his fancy before now, but he felt the breeze in his hair and the fun of riding a bike and now wants to go out every night after school. Its been fun watching him learn and enjoy, apart from when I’m left jogging behind. I got my step daughters bike out last week to see how it would feel to ride too, sadly it wasnt right for me, but it did get me thinking about maybe looking in to a bike for myself. Having researched small bikes (this tiny house can barely hold anything else) Brompton Bikes were the first that came up.. and they look fantastic. Granted a little pricey, but what a piece. Custom made and pretty and practical. I may have started a ‘Rachel’s Bike Fund’ 😉 Do you ride with your kids? Its not something i’ve done before but would love to start.

So thats another month down my lovelies.. How on earth is 2017 going so fast ay? Crazy crazy.

Just a quick favour, at time of posting i’m a few friends off 5000 on Instagram, if you didn’t already know, it’s my absolute favourite platform and love to have a chat with everyone on there. If you don’t follow along (i hate that word Follow and Followers.. sounds so detached) I would love to have you come along and befriend me HERE, and then you can hear me bang on about pointless crap in my silly welsh accent on a regular basis.. now, surely thats an offer you can’t refuse, LOL!

All the best lovelies.. Heres to another great month!

Do let me know what you’ve loved this April in the comments, and if you’ve ever had shallac nails, or go bike riding, or if you’re one of the rare few that have watched Spaced!


  1. April 24, 2017 / 12:29 pm

    This is a great post, Rachel. I've got a pair of polka dot cigarette trousers from Joanie waiting in my basket until pay day rolls around on Friday. I'm usually a skirts and dresses type of girl and only own a handful of trousers but there was something about these that appealed to me. I always have my nails painted but prefer to do my own – whenever I've had mine done professionally, I've not been particularly happy with the finish and therefore resent paying for a shoddy job. I've never watched Spaced but I only hear good things about it so I might have to have a look. Would love a post about your latest reads – I'm currently reading a collection of short stories by Joanne Harris (a bit hit and miss) and a novel by Jane Green called The Patchwork Marriage which is okay and something easy to zone out to before I go to sleep.

    • April 24, 2017 / 12:33 pm

      ooo roll on pay day for me too (Friday also!) I have a pair of red (quell surprise! ha!) with my name on. The polka dot cigarette trousers sound divine! I really like Joanie, they're clothes are retro but also practical, which i think is great. My mum has been reading The Patchwork Marriage too and i've asked if i can have it after her. I've been enjoying light hearted chick lit for the same easy to read reason, sometimes i just like the escapism!XX

  2. April 25, 2017 / 12:39 am

    Firstly I am all over all the red. I have been after the perfect red dress for so long now and as of yet the charity shop gods haven't acted in my favour! Also the vegan brunch sounds lovely! I'm not vegan but I have been reducing the amount of meat that I eat and keep saying I'll try tofu scramble and as of yet haven't

    Charlotte | http://www.shoestringchic.co.uk

  3. April 25, 2017 / 8:27 pm

    I have a gel kit at home with some 40 odd colours to use, I have to pin my daughters down to do my nails, but it's so much cheaper! I'm following you on IG, and congrats with the count/following. Jacqui

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