Trying Something New: Turning my Garden in to a Vegetable Patch

If you come here for the fashion and style and the pretties of beauty and makeup you may want to look away for this post 😉 Normal programming will resume I promise, but sometimes, just sometimes i get an itch that needs scratching. And this particular itch has been itchy for a long time.
I have wanted an allotment for years. I actually had one for a very short time about 4 years ago when i first moved to the town i now live in, but with work commitments and a 2 and a half year old at the time, i just couldn’t get in to it as much as i wanted. Plus it was massively neglected and needed SO much prep work before i could even consider planting and using it for what was intended.
Fast forward 3 and a half years and i still want to grow my own vegetables. There’s no greater pleasure (for someone who loves to cook) than cooking with veg you’ve grown yourself.
Fresh, organic and and super healthy, it doesn’t get any better. And as a vegan (myself and the husband, and 2 out of the 3 of our kids are vegetarian too) we eat A LOT of veg, as you can imagine.

Two years ago my ever green thumbed dad and my super keen sister took on 2 allotment plots in their town, but I live 40 minutes away so don’t get to join in the growing fun as much as i would like.

After a few discussions with the husband we realised we may as well turn our small garden with its naff tufty grass in to a vegetable plot. The kids all play out the front of our house as we live in a quiet cul-de-sac and they prefer the room to ride bikes, scoot and play football. The back garden had become a redundant space and whats worse, a dumping ground for all our crap.

So what does a self respecting girl do when she wants to grow veggies on her doorstep?
She ropes her green thumbed dad in of course. Well actually i got mum, dad and my sister all down to help.
Under my dads watchful eye we set off to our local Travis Perkins and bought all the supplies i needed.
We’ve bought supplies for a couple of raised beds, canes, borders and all the gardening paraphernalia a girl could need.
Move over new shoes, Rachel needs a trowel, LOL!
Within 2 days Dad had gotten rid of our nasty tufty grass and found we had really good soil beneath.
It was on to the fun bit.. Planting!
With two seasons under their belts I had my families guidance of what to plant and when. Its still early doors on the planting front but I’m already super excited about planting more. There is something absolutely satisfying about watching something you’ve planted grow in to something you can use.
I’ve definitely got the Grow Your Own bug!
So far we have broad beans planted, then we’ve started in my conservatory courgettes and cucumbers, then in a dark area some seeding potatoes.
I’ll be completely honest and say I haven’t got a clue, but i’m excited to be learning on the job and i really love doing something completely different, not only am i thinking about new things, but it gets me outdoors in the fresh air, which i absolutely love.
Its so fulfilling!
The plan is for spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower and lettuces this season.
Neo’s requested carrots too.
The plot is small, but perfect for starting me off on this journey. Plus there are things to grow in pots and on the patio.
I can’t wait to give you an update soon!

not a scrap of makeup and in my skivvies, but couldn’t be happier

Have you thought about trying anything new? 

For me Spring is when i feel most inspired, January is still too dark, cold and wet, where as Spring i feel full of energy and buzzing with new ideas.
Let me know if you’re turning your hand to anything new! I’d love to hear all about it.


  1. March 28, 2017 / 7:03 am

    Slugs have always destroyed my small veg gardening attempts. I'm jealous of those who achieve fresh home grown veg. My grandparents had a veg plot for a back garden too. The children should enjoy going out and picking the veg.
    Something new. I think constantly either in work or life generally. Blogging was a new hobby a few years ago.

  2. March 30, 2017 / 6:28 pm

    i'm so excited for you! growing up we always had veg, berries and everything growing and i loved gardening then and still do now. nowadays i usually plant stuff at my mum's since i don't have the space myself. it's so rewarding growing your own things and everything always tastes better, too! 🙂 xx

  3. April 10, 2017 / 5:53 pm

    Actually I love gardening. Thanks for sharing your experience and I also like your garden looks awesome!I am very excited to make a new garden. I am planting some vegetable like same to you or better.

  4. August 22, 2017 / 5:49 am

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