February Love List

Well another month gone with a blink of the eye. Looking back on on the past month i definitely improved my happiness levels by setting some goals and sticking to them. January was rough. February was all about finding my happiness once again and i definitely feel that was accomplished.
So Feb you’ve been grand, lets hope i can keep up the momentum in March.

So things I’ve loved this month are:


Finding out that Charlotte Tilbury is Cruelty Free and that an extensive amount of their products are Vegan really blew me away this month. How Wonderful (with a capital W!). Finding great cruelty free and vegan makeup has been a great journey so far and I’ve found some products that i love, but I admit to missing some of my luxe items (Chanel i’m looking at you, come on and move over to the cruelty free side won’t you??!). I’ve heard great things about the renowned makeup artist’s range and so I’m planning on picking out a few pieces next week when I’m down in the grand old city of Cardiff.
I may treat myself to this gorgeous set and I’m also desperate to try the Hot Lips lipstick range.


Yep after a pretty long and tortuous January where everything that could go wrong did, and then some more, I decided to start making happy plans. Life will always throw you curve balls but I find I’m much better at coping with them if I’ve had some happy things in place or planned.
So day dates with my husband have now become a regular thing. As parents to quite a big brood we find ourselves going along with life day to day being swept up in the rat race, so for us to take a day to just spend together has proven to be pretty fantastic.
This month we went to see The Commitments in the Bristol Hippodrome which i loved (the husband not so much.. he’s not really a show type of guy?) It was filled with fun soul music and Irish banter that made me giggle. We also managed to squeeze in a gorgeous Gluten Free Vegan meal at 1847 which Salvatore declared to be the best vegan restaurant meal he’d ever eaten. High praise indeed.
It was absolutely delectable and if you’re in Bristol any time soon I would highly recommend,even if you’re not vegan!

3. FASHION: Coats

I’ve always had a thing for coats, i think its because we have such long cold winters and plus i like variety i guess. So when i saw this one on super sale in the shade of colour i’d been after for YEARS, well i simply had to have it. It has a huge reduction and is just gorgeously oversized and cosy. I’ve barely stopped wearing it of late (if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed;). But I also have my gorgeous Yellow beauty from Laura Ashley too. To level things out I’ve recently sold 3 coats and given 2 others to new homes, so i feel pretty happy about my new coat situation.

Laura Ashley Yellow Jacket and La Redoute Green Coat

4. SHOPPING: Sales!

Shopbop are having one of their amazing make-a-purchase worthy sales.

I like to shop savvy for the season ahead with these wonderful savings. I currently have in my virtual basket:

A classic pair of Levi jeans, thinking of trialling some dungarees/overalls (thoughts please?) I really love the Blank Denim ones and they’re a great price with discount, and finally some gorgeous red Superga sneakers (the white and star print are dreamy though too…hmmm decisions).

5.READS: Happy

On my journey to living a happier life I recently bought Fearne Cotton’s new book Happy. This book contains lots of ideas, advice and little ways to put pen to therapeutic paper to help your brain process what it’s going through. I haven’t completed any of the gentle exercises or filled in the book as I’ve been going a long (I almost feel like it’s a shame to soil the pages with my scruffy writing as its so beautifully presented)  but i’ve been mentally taking on board some of the ideas and conceptions of maintaining happiness. I would highly recommend this book for if things seem especially tough and you need a reminder of how you can get back on your happy track. I bought this at a time when I was feeling low and just reading it made me feel like I was helping to heal my mind. It felt nice to know that the author had been through tough times herself and from that can now help others with advice that she picked up along her journey.

Just writing these monthly love lists makes me feel really happy, its a lovely way to recap the good points of the month.

So my lovelies, what have you loved in February? Any great makeup/clothing finds?
Any nice dates or time with family that stood out for you?
Do let me know in the comments as reading what made you smile spreads the happiness to here!


  1. March 1, 2017 / 1:25 pm

    Love that coat! This month I have been loving flowers, the colour pink, stripes and smoothies 🙂

    Rachael xx.

  2. March 1, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    Nice to read about your finds in February…I really like what you wrote about finding the time for those we love, i.e dating your husband. You're right, life always throws us curve balls, we need to set apart time for dates with people we love.


  3. March 2, 2017 / 10:00 am

    What a happy list – glad to hear that February was more positive for you. We had a nice month: I treated my husband to a night at Sat Bains for his birthday and caught up with old friends over drinks and curry.

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