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Interior Inspo

Interior Inspo by rachel-the-hat featuring a white electric fireplace

Last year saw me taking on (sometimes single handedly) the redecoration of some of the rooms in our little home. We’ve been here nearly 4 years, so I thought it was about time that we put our stamp on it. I started with the living room (of which, thankfully the husband helped), and then i went on to our bedroom. Both undertook a big white wash thanks to my handy paint job and then styled with pieces accordingly.
I still love the fresh white walls (although, how are you supposed to keep areas white with kids is what i want to know? Show home my house will never be!!)but am excited to add some new pieces this year to finish the room off completely.

I absolutely love this set i’ve created, i just wanna crawl straight inside and lollop on that sofa right there.

The key pieces I’m looking to add this year are:

The Perfect Green Sofa (if they could do this sofa in the Uk, that would be great, as i have a feeling shipping from the US could be a little excessive;)

is top of my list in life goals right now. Sounds extreme I know, but our current 7 year old sofa is just awful. We all hate it. But getting a new sofa we all love and that the dog can’t destroy seems to be harder than finding hens teeth.
All i know is against my white walls a green sofa would be sublime.

A Funky yet Comfy Chair

I have this thing with personal space, and as much as i love snuggling up with my tribe on the sofa, sometimes i like to have a chair all to myself. I have this thing with chairs. I bought two great chairs last years (one in my reading nook and one in my bedroom), the husband thinks I’m some crazy chair lady, and he’s probably not wrong. Viaduct have some splendid options, investment, key pieces that are game changers.. or uh.. room changers. Full of character and excellent for the derriere also ?

A Minimal Fireplace

I am desperate (and i’m mean absolutely desperate!!) for a central point in my living room that is not my TV. We aren’t big Tv watchers in this house, granted the rest of my family are big gamers, but I hate having the central point as the TV. With a few switches of the layout we could manage to have a small fireplace, granted it won’t be a beautiful log burner, but i’m happy to advance on this non-tv option at least. I like the minimal fireplaces, no fuss, black and white equals perfect.

Plants Galore

Each week my husband comes home to see a new plant has found a home in our living room. I love filling my room with these beautiful living things, they bring a wonderful energy to a room and are a great reminder that sometimes i need to pay attention to whats around me more (i.e remember to what the poor things!!). Plus again the green leaves against white walls bring the most glorious contrast.

Art work

My Husband used to paint. He is a fantastic abstract artist. I want to hang more of his work on ledges and display it amongst some modern pieces also. I also want to put a paintbrush back in my husbands hand as its been way to long (and i want more art work!).

So this gives me a good framework of what i want to achieve this year, maybe adding a piece every couple of months.

Do you have any major decor works planned for this year?


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