His and Her Last Minute Gift Ideas (for around £30.00)

So Valentines day is tomorrow and if I’m totally honest i have only just realised it. We aren’t big in to Valentines gifts here, but its nice to mark the day with a little something that doesn’t break the bank. Plus it got me thinking of last minute gift ideas for any occasion when you simply haven’t got a clue what to get that person. This will hopefully serve as great little reference for when you’re thinking to yourself “Oh my god… What the hell can I buy him/her?” whilst running around flailing your arms in the air, as present buying is just sooo hard.

Thankfully there are lots of easy ways to buy and pay for gifts these days.

So after I had my minor freak out this morning I got to thinking of a few little gifts that could work for him or her on any given occasion.


I think a cocktail kit can be a wonderful gift for two reasons. Firstly, it looks gorgeous on a bar cart or display cabinet and having them out on display can mean impromptu cocktail hours happen more often. Secondly, they are fun. Creating and making your own can be a great way to have friends over and socialise or just you and your significant other making some memories and some tasty drinks together.

 Speaking of drinks, why not buy that special someone their favourite alcoholic beverage, even better have it personalised, I’ve previously had this done for my Father in Law (at a time when i was obviously a lot more organised than i am now!) and it went down a storm. Their very own personalised tipple makes for a lovely keepsake also.

Modern Muse Set £30.66

Georgio Armani Set £29.70

 Scent is a very personal thing, but sometimes, when someone buys you a scent that you may not have previously picked up it can become a new favourite. I actually love when family buy me a gorgeous new perfume as each time i wear it i’m reminded that a loved one bought it for me.
These are both excellent value as you will be getting a lot for you money, with the scent plus extras in each. These are really great presents for him and her (hint hint husband)

Mens Black rucksack

Ladies Saddle Bag

Who doesn’t love a good bag. Both handy and practical these are perfect gifts. Less than £30 each these make perfect travel companions or for daily wears or weekend attire. The neutrality of both means you will hopefully be pleasing the receiver as they can pretty much go with everything.

Sony overhead Headphones

In Ear Runfree headphones

Does anyone else have headphone battles in their house? With the husband, the teenager and me all using them, its quite often they will go walkies and never return. Whether you’re buying for a runner or a recreational listener, headphones could be the perfect gift. I never seem to go out and buy myself headphones, or if i do i’m quite stingy (obviously choosing to spend my money on more important things like uhh.. shoes?), so to have a nice pair bought for me seems like a pretty great gift.

Marvel Socks 
Pink Valentine Socks

And when all else fails… Socks! You can never go wrong with some lovely socks. I love a pretty pair of socks.. is that weird? I don’t know. I also love a man in nice socks that show a bit of personality. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who did not love socks?

I actually really want those lovely socks, the tan bag and the perfume.. would it be wrong to gift them to myself?

Do you have any go-to gifts that you buy for people when you just don’t have a clue?


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