6 Steps to Look Good (and then feel good) in a Hurry!

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Whether we’re mums trying to get our kids off to school without forgetting their lunch/kit/heads, or maybe we’ve had a Netflix marathon the night before and ended up pressing that snooze button one too many times, resulting in running around like a crazy lady in the morning, just trying to get out the door in one piece.
Yep been there done that (I once turned up to work in the Travel agents with two completely different shoes on, yes they were both black but besides from that.. totally different, and very noticeable too. I had to sit behind my desk all day and promised my boss i wouldn’t stand up to approach customers in fear of looking like a crazy shoe lady)

But after many years of getting ready in a hurry and having to do so with children in tow, I would say i’ve become quite the pro at getting ready, looking presentable and being on time. I hate being late (and can actually say it very, very rarely happens), and i really hate feeling dishevelled or not at my best, it can really put your footing out for the rest of the day.
So with all my years of getting it wrong practice I’ve put together my simple steps to
Looking Good in a Hurry.

Starting the day off well can really set you up for a productive happy day, so with these very simple steps I hope they’ll be helpful, whether you’re a sleep deprived Student or a busy Mama with many plates spinning.


This might sound simple but preparation really is key. Just like you would plan for an outing or a meeting, i plan what i’m going to wear.
This consists of a couple of things.
Firstly, the night before i will check the weather forecast to see what conditions i may be dressing for the next day. I’m actually quite the weather forecast addict, i check multiple times a day… Its weird i know, but it helps to be prepared for whatever Mother nature has in store the following day.
Check your diary.. See what you have planned. If its a day out hiking then you’re obviously going to be leaving those heels at home.


When i’m putting my clean clothes away i hang them together on one coat-hanger or next to each other, as complete outfits. I will often look through Pintrest or Instagram to see outfits that are similar to pieces i own and then group them accordingly:
Top, jeans, scarf all bunched together for easy access
Skirt, shirt, tights even, all hung on one hanger.
Instant outfits make for great time savers and means you’re not running around the house, tearing your hair out, while the kids throw Cheerios, looking for that one piece of clothing that seems to have disappeared to the magical land of odd socks and hairpins.
You’ve already done all the thinking which is perfect for when one eye is still closed and you can barely string a coherent sentence together let alone an outfit.
Thus leaving more time to get the children fed, watered and ready for their school day, or for just sitting and perusing social media with a nice hot coffee, composing yourself for the day ahead.

My new absolute favourite jumper that i just LOVE wearing (and its only £16!)

Easy hair styles

Ladies, our hair is our crowing glory, wouldn’t you agree? A good hair day can really set the president  for the day ahead.
The key is obviously quick and easy.
Pintrest and Youtube are full of easy hair tutorials, its all about finding what works for your hair type.
My hair is so thick and frizzy that i would never have time to wash, dry & straighten or curl my hair every morning. For me half styling the night before works. ie, if i’m going to go curly, i just wash the night before then scrunch with mouse and let it air dry. Then, in the morning, I may run the curling wand over just the top few pieces to jazz it up a bit.
Or when in doubt, a cute up-do like a nice bun that looks chic, will be your morning hair saviour.
Another favourite of mine is No Heat Hair Curl. I love this method as i am just so so super lazy when it comes to hair. This is so easy and has such a great outcome that makes it look like you’ve been pruning your lovely locks for hours. Sneaky but very effective.

Also Dry-Shampoo… a girls best friend. seriously, best invention ever. I know lots of people like to wash their hair daily, and it is obviously personal preference, but if you can save your safe the time, do so with dry shampoo. 

Shop Fabulous

This sounds strange but i mean it. When you shop don’t just buy something because its okaaayyy, or because you think its an inoffensive piece and easy going.
Buy pieces that are fabulous.
Make each item you buy a show stopper or a classic in its own right. That way each time you get dressed you will always be wearing something amazing. Something that will be eye catching, something that says “yep I’ve got my sh** together” it could be a gorgeous dress that’s just so easy to wear but striking, it could be a pair of leopard print booties that are comfy yet stylish, or it could be that colourful top just makes you feel fabulous!
It honestly works.
When you shop, don’t buy something ‘because it was cheap’ or ‘Because i’m going to fit in to it after i loose 6lbs’ or ‘ Because i saw it on so and so and she looked good’.
Shop for amazing pieces, that you alone love and that make you happy.
Shop for pieces that fit you now, like a glove.
I can guarantee that each day getting dressed will become a lot easier when there are things to wear that you absolutely love and fit like a dream.

Simple Makeup

If you fear you have not much time for makeup, i have 3  quick fixes to bring your face to life instantly
BB or CC cream: Instant skin tone regulator, most will also have SPF so you’re helping protect and they also give a wonderful glow to the skin that makes you look instantly refreshed.
I’m currently using the Embryalisse CC cream and it is dreamy!
Mascara: Instantly opens up the eyes with a quick swish of the (mascara) wand. For me it instantly makes me look more awake and put together.
Tinted Lip Balm/Lipstick: Choose a pretty pink or a dash of red to bring a bit of colour to the face and shone to the lips. This will also detract from blood shot eyes, buy drawing others line of sight to your lips.
This will take you 3 minutes, tops!

For me, I feel naked without drawing in my eyebrows (true story, i’m severely eyebrow challenged after plucking too much as an over zealous teen and then they never grew back), so adapt to fit your face, but just doing this simple tasks awakens my features and I feel ready to go.

Emergency Kit
Keep a small bag full of essentials in your bag/car. This is really a little life saver, for when you literally need to look presentable but you just rushed out the door.
I always have in mine (which i keep in my car) travel size or sample size products such as mascara, a blusher, concealer for instant pick me up of the face. Then some dry shampoo, hair pins and hair tie for my unruly mane.
A quirky necklace is always a brilliant addition as it really makes you look like you made an effort, when the truth is, you’ve just flung it on in the car, but who needs to know that 😉
A small perfume is also another great addition for a quick spritz.

By sticking to these easy steps i always feel good leaving the house. Don’t get me wrong, the other morning the dog was sick on the carpet, I poured cumin instead of cinnamon on my porridge and then the Neo smashed my vintage bowel, so, it cant help everything, but at least i could deal with all that extra crap knowing i was ready to go! 

And that’s it. Simple really isn’t it.

Tell me, do you have any great organisation tips for looking good and getting out on time? I’d love to know!



  1. February 2, 2017 / 12:05 pm

    Love these tips! Definitely need to practice a few of these!

    Rachael xx.

    • February 6, 2017 / 11:51 am

      So glad they were helpful Rachael.. i was a bit apprehensive publishing this as i know everyone is different. But i'm so pleased this may have been useful! Wishing you the best week!

    • February 6, 2017 / 11:55 am

      So glad they were helpful Liv.. i was a bit apprehensive publishing this as i know everyone is different. But i'm so pleased this may have been useful! Wishing you the best week!Rxx

  2. February 2, 2017 / 3:53 pm

    I love sleep so over the years I've found ways to make my mornings easier. And the best way that I found was to group my chores. What I mean by that is I get out of bed and do everything in my room that I need to do, I get dressed, do my hair, make my bed, put shoes on, etc and then I move on to the bathroom, wash my face, do my skincare, do my makeup, etc and then I move on to the kitchen, have breakfast, wash the dishes, etc. I found this method easier, faster and less stressful than running around but then again, it's only me, I don't have kids or anyone else to take care of so I can only imagine what your mornings are like haha

    Marta – http://www.aroundcolours.blogspot.com

    • February 6, 2017 / 12:28 pm

      I've never thought about it that way, but grouping chores is a great way of doing it. I often have to pop in and out to get the little man ready as well as myself, but hey whatever works is the main thing isn't it!I too love sleep, so anything that aids extra sleep i am totally on board with!
      Wishing you the best week Marta

  3. February 2, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    Great post! I'm always that person who wakes up too late everyday and gets ready in a mad rush. Your outfit is gorgeous btw

    • February 6, 2017 / 12:30 pm

      Thanks Lauren! I hope this helps with a little bit of the mad rush.
      Wishing you the best week xx

    • February 6, 2017 / 12:31 pm

      Aw yay, glad i could be helpful! It really is a great way of getting dressed in a great outfit, but with very little thought needed!
      Wishing you a wonderful week Anna

    • February 6, 2017 / 12:34 pm

      haha we can be twins on the crazy shoe front.. glad i'm not the only one 😀

  4. February 4, 2017 / 6:54 am

    Great tips! Having a toddler, who's sometimes at preschool and a husband to drop off at work at 730am each morning makes my mornings a little rushed some times!
    I generally get organised the night before and get thing out for packups, and have an idea of what I'm wearing. Our toddler gets up at the same time each morning and we have a set time for breakfast too, so it all kind of works for us. 🙂
    I love the idea of a mini makeup/essentials bag in the car though!


    • February 6, 2017 / 12:37 pm

      Prep the night before really is key isn't it! I do all the kids pack lunches the night before and lay all clothes out for everyone. The mini essentials is a life saver.. i swear, once you have one you won't know how you coped without it. I also have a 'mum kit' which i keep in the car. It includes saftey pins, hair ties, wet wipes, aloe vera for stings cuts bumps, plasters etc.. Again, couldn't be without that one on hand either(especially during summer!)
      Wishing you a fab week Caroline

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