Reflect Before You Set Goals

I was sat messaging my sister on New Years day, talking about 2016 and what we had accomplised and looking forward to 2017 and what we have planned.

I’m not one for making rigid resolutions, especially knee jerk reactions to things you should or shouldn’t be doing.
What i like to do is reflect on what i achieved in 2016. It so easy to get swept up with life and never actually stand still long enough to see how far you have literally come.
I can most definitely hold my hands up to this action. Its almost too easy to forget the good and just remember the bad.

So I’m starting this year with reflection.
I accomplished some great things in 2016 and i want to remember it as a good year.

  • I started walking more and more through spring and summer to the point where i was walking about 7.5 miles every other day.
  • Which lead me (metaphorically.. not literally led me) to Climb Pen Y Fan. I have always wanted to do this (And Snowdon) So it was great to do be able to have raised my fitness levels to enable this.
  • I pushed myself in to new activities and did the high ropes and a zip wire, which i absolutely loved.
  • I decorated my living room and bedroom. Husband helped with the living room, but i can hand on heart say i did the bedroom all by self. I’m especially proud of having the initiative to get up off my backside and do it. Granted the paint job isn’t the best, but its ok! And i love it. I love both rooms actually, and feel happy to be in them.
  • I’m proud that this little blog is still going, and that it’s earned me a small wage, enough to keep me going. I’ve made some wonderful online acquaintances and its still a pleasure to sit and write this blog each week.
  • I became Vegan and Wheat free… which may sound like a strange ‘accomplishment’ but i am incredibly proud to have researched both, again took the initiative, and have never felt better, mentally and physically.
  • I cooked SO many new delicious meals and continue to look for new recipes and tasty food.
  • I read and read and read. Lots of books, lots of genres. I didn’t stick to my usual category of rom-coms, I happily diversified. Reading is one of my most favourite things to do, I’m pleased and proud of myself for reading as much as i have.

To start the year reflecting on what was achieved, really puts things in to perspective and creates a great positive note to move forward and work on achieving more in 2017.

In regards to goals, not resolutions, I have a few things in mind

  • Decorate. I would love to continue decorating my home. There are a few rooms that need revivals and i would love to tackle them myself.
  • Get creative! I love writing but i also love doodling, i’m no artist (at all) but I find having a pen in hand and an empty page to fill really therapeutic. I recently stumbled upon a Hand Lettering course via Instagram and thought it could be pretty fantastic to try. I love these hand written pieces, not only are they extremely satisfying to create, but could potentially be lovely gifts for friends and family.
  • Be more thoughtful. I’m generally not an awful person, I always like to think of others and love to give gifts. But i would like to take the time more to think about others and not always send birthday cards late (if at all), but to also send thoughtful notes, just because. To see something in a shop and pick it up for someone, again just because. To make more time to see family and friends. I find i’m so easily absorbed with the task in hand, contented in my own little bubble, that quite often time escapes me and I haven’t seen or thought of anything else other than blog, kids, housework, repeat. I want to step outside of my bubble more and be more thoughtful to those around me.
  • Keep writing. So i started a book last year. Its a rom-com lighthearted read that I’m really enjoying writing. I’m only 3 chapters in so far as life got in the way, as per-usual, and then the dreaded self doubt also very kindly decided to make an appearance. I stepped away for a while, but picked it back up over the Christmas break and have been thoroughly enjoying the writing process. To complete this book would mean a great deal to me. It would be wonderful to finally get down on paper, fully, this book that i know is in me. I have an idea down for another already, but i am trying my best to focus on this one first and see how i go.
  • Get published. Obliviously to publish a book would be a dream, but I’m aiming smaller this year, i would love to write a piece for a local paper, magazine or online publication. 
  • Exercise.. always a pain in my arse. Through summer you will mostly find me outdoors, hiking or playing in the park. But come winter i literally stop and become a recluse. I’m obviously a fair weather exerciser. All i know is that i always feel so much better with a little bit of exercise. Salv and I are looking to start badminton as we used to love it, but kids and work once again got in our way and we stopped. I need to find some in door activities that get I can do and enjoy ( not a fan of the gym.. at all). Any suggestions?
  • Grow your own. My dad has a proverbial green thumb. He can make anything grow. Last year my mum dad and sister took on an allotment (which ended up being 2 actually). I had so many amazing fresh veggies it was like vegan heaven. But with them living 40 minutes away, its not always convenient to pop there to get a fresh lettuce. My dad as promised to come down and help turn my garden in to a small vegetable haven. A plot for me to govern and hopefully grow myself some veggies. So then i will literally have fresh veggies on my doorstep to cook with. Which really.. it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

And i think that’s it. I feel that these are mostly a continuation of where i’ve been, and to basically keep going but with more tenacity.

What are you proud of doing in 2016? 

Its great to reflect before you set goals. 

 And what are your 2017 goals? Do share.. i would love to hear.

I just wanted to finish by saying a huge thank you for all your love and support through 2016. It means so very much to me that you subscribe to my ramblings and continue to show kindness and willing to be here. Without you lovely lot, i would simply be rambling to an empty room. So thank you for making me look like less of a crazy lady.

I sincerely wish you the best 2017 and hope you achieve all of your goals.

Thank you


  1. January 4, 2017 / 2:01 pm

    Love this post and your goals for 2017, a lot of them are very similar to mine 🙂

    Rachael xx.

  2. January 4, 2017 / 7:27 pm

    Wow, you accomplished a lot this year. And you set some good goals! Good luck!

  3. January 4, 2017 / 10:18 pm

    Wow, you accomplished a lot this year. And you set some good goals! Good luck!

  4. January 5, 2017 / 9:58 am

    Wow, you accomplished a lot this year. And you set some good goals! Good luck!

  5. January 5, 2017 / 11:01 am

    so true, that you need to look back a while before looking forward. I can relate to wanting to get outside of the bubble, life ticks along and before you know you haven't seen anyone for weeks! It does show how content you are in life though I think, to not notice the time going by.
    It's an excellent list – and a lot like my own (post coming soon).
    Happy New Year! Hope 2017 is the best yet 🙂

  6. January 10, 2017 / 6:18 pm

    It sounds like your 2016 was pretty awesome and I'm sure your 2017 will be even better! Amazing that you are writing a book too 🙂

    Maria xxx

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