Chilling Essentials for a Clear Mind and a Happy Life

 A Sunday Well spent Brings a week of Content.. wouldn’t you agree? I spent this past Sunday morning having a bit of me time. I got up as usual to sort my youngest out with breakfast and then headed back to bed with my coffee to work on some things just for me.

I have said this many, many a time on this blog, but taking time out for yourself should be a given. Its so easy to fall in to the loop of constantly being busy, usually for me its mum/wife type duties, and before i know it i can barely remember my own name.

So i just went ahead and nabbed a couple of bliss filled hours to myself filled with pretty things that i love, and d’you know what? I felt like a new woman after it. I felt i had cleared my head, and arranged my thoughts for the first time in weeks.

So after such a lovely Sunday i thought i’d share my chilling essentials with you in hope that you will find time in your busy life to do the same and take time out just for you:

Chilled Essentials

First up: The comfiest and prettiest pyjamas you own

Ok so i’ve professed my love for comfy pyjamas, but they really are a must for those major chilled out vibes. You can’t get all comfy and cosy in a pair of constricting skinny jeans now can you?

And seeing as my pj’s are possibly my most worn items (straight after the school run the ‘outside clothes’ come off and the comfies go on.. anyone else?), i always make sure to treat myself to some beautiful pairs. I wrote a whole blog post about pj’s just before christmas, but there is alwasy more room in my drawer for lovely pyjamas.

My current favourite nightwear options are:

Left: Cat Crazy.. Animal lovers must have
Middle: Nice in Neutral (goes perfectly with my bedroom.. is it wrong to match your decor?
Right: Dreaming of Spring in bloom with these pretties

Next essential: Cosy bed socks or slippers

Pom pom slippers are still my absolute favourites, these are on sale and a complete steal! I’ve just added to my virtual basket! I don’t know if i’ve ever admitted this before , but i don’t feel right when at home unless i have slippers on.both my mum and dad always wear slippers, and they’ve definitely passed the slipper wearing torch on to me. I always have slippers on my feet. They make me feel at home. My husband however, can’t stand things on his feet when at home, choosing to go bare foot  as soon as he can.. What camp do you fall in? To slipper or to bare foot.. that is the question!

Next up: For me its my journal or notepad

I’ve had a real hard time getting back in to writing and blogging in general since the Christmas break. As a family we have had some upheaval, change and also visitors, so my normal routine of writing when everyone is out the house has been really put out of whack lately. I honestly couldn’t even process a coherent thought let alone write anything substantial. And as the days ticked on as quickly as they do, I began to panic about never getting my work mojo back and possibly not having anything to write about or say.

I realise now the problem was not not having anything to say, it was just not taking any time to organise those thoughts. A wave of anxiety kept obliterating any creative flow and each time I thought something, that old sneaky anxiety would creep in and gatecrash. Add in crazy schedules and all the other family drama and you have one fried brain.

So in my comfy pj’s, armed with a coffee and some head space, i took out my pretty journal and purple pen (colour optional of course) and started making plans. I wrote everything that was in my head, ideas, concepts, one liners even. I then took out my diary and scheduled in dates for posts, meetings and reminders.

Suddenly it felt like a huge weight had been lifted, the fog had cleared and taken my tension headache with it.

I can not stress how important it is to get your thoughts out.

And of course having pretty stationery helps me completely. 

Lastly: A task that relaxes

Once all your thoughts are out and down on paper, so your mind is free to wander, do something that relaxes you. Maybe its a few episodes on Netflix, maybe its meditation, for me its painting my nails.

I find the methodical painting really therapeutic. Maybe its because whilst i’m painting them, i can literally do nothing else. Concentrating on the sole task is a wonderful thing, especially when you’re a serial multi-tasker like me.

What do you do to chillax and re-motivate? Do let me know in the comments. 
Also are you a crazy pyjama lady like me? Or do you opt for fancy sleep wear?


  1. January 16, 2017 / 2:14 pm

    Those pyjamas are gorgeous! To relax I normally plan the next days tasks, this stops me getting a bit stressy about stuff or I have a bath with a lush bath bomb!

    Rachael xx.

  2. January 16, 2017 / 6:53 pm

    Usually, what I do to relax and clear my brain is watch series or videos on YouTube because sometimes I get really creative afterwards so it not only relaxes me, it also gives me a lot of ideas to work on once I'm ready to work.

    Marta –

  3. January 16, 2017 / 8:36 pm

    Having a bath., lighting a candle and reading a book, preferably in another room to my phone is the best way to relax, I love just switching off from it all!

    Maria xxx

  4. January 18, 2017 / 2:30 am

    I had this dream of when I moved out of my parents house I'd only have cute sexy pjs, but somehow the cozy flannel collection keeps growing and the skimpy silk boxer shorts rarely get worn. And slippers are a must! I wont go barefoot even for a second because taking shoes off at the door is not a rule and as such, even clean floors only last for a moment.

    Glad you found a little inner peace this weekend, and a way back into your writing.
    Chic on the Cheap

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