Bedroom Makeover Project

Back in November I decided to single handedly take on the task of decorating my bedroom. With Salvatore working away so much I put my girl power pants on and with some sheer bloody determination created a relaxing minimal bedroom for us… Well its a work in progress, but piece by piece I’m creating a retreat. A room where we can sit and have peace when the rest of our teeny tiny house is full of crazy kids.

With Pintrest as my guide and a loose colour scheme in mind I set to it

I decided on dusky pinks, greys, white and silver with a little bit of black as a contrast just spotted here and there as I had a lot of silver items already, so worked that in with a new clean colour palette.

The main focus, after painting the whole room white, was the bedding. I LOVE to sleep. So for me comfy snuggly bedding was of the utmost importance. 

I chose grey jersey bedding which is just the cosiest and softest bedding I’ve ever slept on. I then mixed in some textures with the dusky pink satin throw, and i had the faux fur throw for my birthday. All combined they make one hell of a comfy bed.



Cushions from various but mostly H&M in store

Prints: Ikea

Zebra Dish

Work in Progress

As I mentioned November probably isn’t the best month to start a decorating project when Christmas is just around the corner and funds need to be applied elsewhere (kids.. eye roll..)
So its is definitely a work still in progress, but the breather has allowed me to live in it a few weeks whilst i decided what pieces I want to add next.

First up I know I want a beautiful, minimal chair. And investment piece. An item that I will hopefully have till the end of my days and pass on to my children.
I adore the idea of an easy chair like the black one above from Skandium, their table lamps are also beyond beautiful, which is another item I would like to add.

I want to add more artwork to my plain walls. I have a couple of pieces already, which each morning I’m so happy to see. But I definitely think more would work. Adding some prints and great frames are next on my list. (I already have 5 on my list from that link). I have a few shelves/ledges to add on to our plain walls, which will then mount our prints perfectly. Then some added lights in the form of fantastic fairy lights.

A feature Mirror
To go black frame or silver.. that is the question?

I’m obsessed with indoor hardy plants. I have 7 in our living room, and adding more regularly. They add colour and life to a room and are fantastic mood enhancers (apparently). Some plants will be migrating to my bedroom to accompany my art and obsession with throws.

I’m now excited to continue with my little haven of peace come the New Year and continue adding the finishing touches to our room.

Have you taken on any decorating projects lately? or do you have plans to in the new year?


  1. December 22, 2016 / 5:28 am

    Hi Rachel, love your bedroom, the colours work so well and it looks very calming with lovely textures. I love decorating and do most of it myself, it's so rewarding to see the finished project. Next on my list is my eldest daughters bedroom, just a change of colour on the walls and I want to get a cute little dressing table as it's a tiny room. Kareema xx

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