Beauty Inside & Out: My Current Beauty & Health Products

I wanted to share my new beauty regime after a a whole hellish few months of really bad skin. I’m finally (thankfully!!) coming out the other side of it, having had worse spots then i’ve ever had in my entire life, then a bout of acute dry skin that made me look like a flaky pastry face. I joke but honestly it was really getting me done. I’ve never had great skin anyway, what with a lot of uneven skin tone, large pores and redness, but at least it was fairly blemish free, and usually a good foundation would sort my face base out and i could look semi presentable. But my face got so bad that i couldn’t even wear foundation without it literally crumbling off my face. My spots were big and red and my face was just generally really angry at me. I’d been on a bit of a new beauty binge and had tried so many new products since becoming Vegan that i couldn’t actually pinpoint what was not agreeing with my skin. Plus there is the cold weather winter + central heating + the generally tired factor to deal with.

So i stripped back all my beauty products and went back to basics inside and out.

I found my old faithful Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish and decided not to use any other facial cleansing products. I also added in their instant boost skin tonic which a sheer light delight on the skin and so refreshing.

I’ve been using these both morning and night and within a week I noticed my skin was less red and angry. Less new spots were popping up and the flaky skin(attractive i know, but truthful) was starting to dissipate.

The next thing I added in was the Forever Living Propolis Creme* which i was introduced to by the lovely Michelle on Instagram. She sent an array of samples to trial and this was the one that blew me away. I applied it all over, and when my skin was cracking and flaky, I was applying it 3 times a day. Within 2 days it felt my skin had had a giant injection of moisture. When i smiled it no longer felt tight or flaky.

With the Liz Earle products and the Forever living creme I seem to have gotten back to a fairly normal skin consistency.

I also started to address my health. Winter always leaves me feeling lethargic, but I have also felt my emotional levels have been on somewhat of a roller-coaster. Hormones and all those lovely lady things we have to deal with has left me feeling pretty depleted on all fronts.

Taking vitamins as well as eating a healthy rounded diet is really important to me. I know my body well, as we all do, and if somethings a little off, its not long for me to realise and then react accordingly.

For the past month I started taking vitamins to help bring all my levels back up to a normal level.

Bioconcepts Evening primrose Oil,Vegan Multi Vitamin, B12 & Vitamin D

With this cocktail of vitamins** I have found my moods stabilised, my fatigue has petered out and I’m generally more alert and find my concentration levels are far better… In the past 2 days I have written 5 blog posts when i was struggling to write one previously.

Finally, i’ve been using Tea Tree Oil on my piercings (did i mention I’ve had two in the past 4 months and planning another over the Christmas period? Did you want to know more on that.. a post on piercings possibly?) as I did find one was getting painful and a little infected. It was really getting me down as i felt like my body was rejecting it and yet i really wanted the piercing.
So i started bathing it twice a day. Tea tree is a remarkable natural anti bacterial. My body reacts so well to this and has helped indefinitely, along with bathing the area in salt water with cotton buds.

All in all I’m feeling exceptionally better having just made these simple changes to my daily routine.
Its good to feel happy inside and out, right?

What beauty regime are you using this winter and do you take any vitamins?

* Worth noting this product is not vegan but is cruelty free & GF

** I’m no doctor.. obvs.. but seek advice on vitamins from a health profesh if you can. I had advice from my nutritionist when i had my Intolerance test.



  1. December 22, 2016 / 5:38 pm

    Really interesting post, people do swear by Liz Earle. I too when I was younger had great skin and its only now that I have skin like an adolescent. Clearly I blame the kids for this change! But I've had another skin care regime – as I'm wont to do – and am using a range called The Ordinary. Amazing as far as I'm concerned, cheap as chips and come in little bottles with pipettes so you feel a bit of a scientist. All in all great.

  2. December 27, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    The Vegan Society says that vegans cannot get B12 from their diets. They also tend to be low in fat soluble vitamins because they don't eat any dairy. For your long-term health, you should be supping at least 1000mcg of B12 a day. They suggest 10mcg a day, but you can safely take 5000mcg or even way more than that a day as it is water soluble. Best of health to you.

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