Wanderlust: The Start Of Collecting Memories Not Things

Wanderlust: The urge to travel and see the world.
Its an incredible thing to travel, to open your eyes and your mind and  to new places, people and experiences.
If you’ve been reading here a while you’ll know I was previously a Travel Agent for many years, and before my children came along, I would often have 3 holidays a year, each to different destinations.

Sometimes as a ‘grown up’ with all the responsibilities of raising children and seeing the family has everything it needs years will fly past, and within a blink of an eye, you haven’t been outside of your country for 7 years..

This year my Husband and I have made a pact: No Christmas presents for each other. We need for nothing material and so have decided to put our funds in to a trip. A trip for the soul.
To do just this:

Trying to live more minimally is never ever easy, especially around Christmas where here in the western world we are constantly bombarded with the need to purchase more and more.
But this year we won’t be. This year we shall out choosing a date, a destination and start to plan some memories.

So, the next question of course.. Where shall we choose?
I was hoping you could help.

Here are my top 5 places to to visit in Europe


Oh pretty Paris, this place sure is spectacular. I’ve been here 3 or 4 times, and yet never bore of this beautiful city. Even though i’ve been many times, I’ve never experienced it with my husband. To hold hands and wander the cobbled streets of the Latin quarter, to view the Mona Lisa and climb the Eiffel Tower with man I love is a definite calling for me. There is something distinctly romantic about this city, like you can just feel it. Have you ever been? Would you agree?
And with great hotels like Citizen M making it easier than ever to stay, Paris could be calling us.


To see the Aurora Borealis would be a major tick off the ol’ bucket list. This natural beauty is a must see at one point in my life. On the right night at the right time you can see the northen lights from Scotland, Norway, Finland as well as Iceland. 

But if I were to choose, Iceland would be my choice. With the Blue Lagoon and The Golden Circle to also visit, there are plenty of things calling me to this beautiful icy country.


Croatia has become the hidden jewel in the Mediterranean. A place ram packed with history and character. With its distinctive old town and baroque buildings, some dating back to 1600’s it is a history buffs dream, whilst also offering a plethora of shops, bars restaurants for the modern traveller. I would love to visit here soon as it gains popularity year on year, i would like to see it before it gets too popular which inevitably changes things. Croatia is also still in the Croatian Kunar, making eating out and purchases still very good value for money. It is also a brilliant spot for taking day trips and visiting surrounding areas such as Bosnia, Kolocep and more.


Its a sad state of affairs when your husbands family come from a beautiful country but you haven’t yet been. I mean i’ve been with my husband ten years, and hasn’t been since he was 13 i believe. So i would very much like to rectify that. His family comes from a small town in the centre of Sicily, with traditional cobbled streets, and houses built in to the hillside.

Sicily is a beautiful country, and a trip to Palermo would be top of my list, as well as the possible venture to Mount Etna! What a spectacular site, to see one of the most active volcanoes.


A complete chocolate box of a city. Filled with beautiful canals to stroll along, cobbled streets and fairy-tale-esque houses. With historical and heritage tours there is plenty to see and learn. If you like churches, basilicas and general holy buildings, this has them in abundance, plus the night tours are apparently not to be missed, with floods of lights filling the town showing it off in all its spectacular glory. I’ve heard the Bruge Christmas Markets are some of the finest, with trinkets and chocolate for all. Also Belgium does the BEST waffles.

I thought this list would help me but I just want to visit them all, I have complete wanderlust and the urge to see new places, share new experiences and collect great memories.

So tell me, where would you if you had the chance, or you are in-fact going somewhere?



  1. November 1, 2016 / 12:56 pm

    Well, I would recommend coming to Portugal but since that's not even one of your options I think Paris is always a good choice 🙂

    • November 1, 2016 / 1:21 pm

      Well i've never been but would be totally up for Portugal.. Where would you recommend?XX

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