The Perfect Top to Rock this Festive Season

Ok ladies, I’m just putting this out there because the festive season will be upon us all in a blink of an eye. I don’t know about you but November flies by at a rate of knots and before you know it it’s sparkles, Christmas puddings and hangovers left right and centre.

For me this time of year is the absolute craziest, what with multiple children’s Christmas concerts, works doo’s, Christmas shindigs and of course the shopping for presents.

Having outfits on hand for such occasions is of vital importance.

Especially if like me you don’t have more than a moment to chuck something on.

Between now and the first of January I have my birthday(yay), a wedding, my step sons birthday, Christmas party, Christmas day and of course New Years celebrations.

That’s a lot of shindigs and I’m no major socialite, I can only imagine what other ladies have going on this time of year. Its enough to make your head spin!

So i have a clothing suggestion to make life easier. 

You know my theory of making an item of clothing work hard for you. That if it gets added in to the wardrobe, you have to invisage your self wearing it multiple times to justify the purchase. 

I’ve never done this in the past, hence why i ended up with so many redundant party frocks that never saw the light of day after their first  and only outing; that’s the problem with dresses, they’re easily spotted as being the same dress you wore to the last doo, when we put pics up on our Facebook we want to look like we’ve at least changed between functions.

I get it, i really do. Us ladies like to look good.

So this year I’m boxing clever.

I’m thinking a Special Top to see me through the festive season and beyond.

Something like this beautiful Sparkle Cold Shoulder top from Coast

Or in fact any in the main image (which incidentally are all from Coast.. they’ve got the Festive top nailed this year, i tell ya!)

Why I hear you ask, should we go for a top and not a dress?

Its simple mathematics, a remix equation.

Think of all the wears you will get out of this pretty top versus one christmas dress.

I love to remix, you know that what with my Capsule Wardobe. I love a workhorse of a piece. And this kind of top, promises to be just that.

I’ve included above all the ways I’m thinking of remixing this Festive top to see me through multiple occasions. Many of the bottom pieces I have similar already, making this even more of a viable option.

Lets take a closer look

Winter wedding formula:

I just love this outfit for a winter wedding. Pretty, covered against the cold, and still so occasion perfect. The sparkle of the top and the fullness of the skirt will make any women feel like a princess for the day.

Christmas Party Formula:

We want lace, we want sparkle and we want high heels for our Christmas party outfit. This is ideal for those Christmas meals/shows or evenings out.  The green in the skirt is perfect for the festive season.

Christmas Concert Formula:

Bringing a bit of sparkle in the day, because if you can’t at Christmas, when can you? But it really works so well paired down this time with some skinny jeans (use black or dark indigo for a chic look) and some flats for running after your little one dressed as a donkey.

Evening out for NYE or Birthday celebrations for me:

Winter brings out the faux leather lover in me. Mixing textures with the knit, the sequins and leather this outfit is full of character and fun!

Christmas Day Formula:

Christmas day usually sees me cooking and playing on the floor with my son, comfort doesn’t have to be dowdy. I love to dress up on Christmas day, I legitimately feel its the one day you can walk around your house with all the sparkle and your slippers. So the cold shoulder sparkle sweater is perfect, bringing a bit of glamour but with the berry faux leather trousers, you’re still able to crawl around and play and cook (faux leather trousers= wipe clean: Result!)

This beautiful little top could really rock your socks off all season long.

So what do you think? 

A beautiful remixable top to see you through the festive season. 

Would it work for you?


  1. November 4, 2016 / 1:29 am

    I love the idea of a glittery top …. so many options …. especially love the black …. with jewerly can give this top so many looks as well!
    Thank you, I think I may look for something similar for the season!

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