Hair Growth Shampoo Trial with Hair Jazz

A couple of weeks ago i decided i wanted to grow my bob/lob short hair out. It’s been fun having short hair and I really have loved it (and will probably return to it at some point), but I have a craving for long flowing locks once again. 

When i make a decision i like the results to be instant, sadly growing hair takes! 

But maybe there is something that can help grow hair a bit faster.

Harmony Life off a range of products that promise speed in hair growth.

Needless to say I was well up for trying it out. Anything that can get these locks growing a bit faster I am willing to try.

I was given the Hair Jazz Mask Set (which is also Cruelty Free) and it includes:

1 Hair Jazz Shampoo

1 Hair Jazz Conditioning Mask

1 Hair Jazz Lotion

 I used this set for the first time yesterday and my first impressions :

  • The product is a but whiffy, its quite a clinical smell, menthol almost (it reminded me a bit of the muscle run deep heat) But it wasn’t so smelly that it was off putting, just different as i’m obliviously used to pleasant smelling shampoos. It didn’t leave my hair smelling strongly though, which is good.
  • My hair felt thoroughly cleansed, like it had had a deep clean, which felt really good, especially if you’ve had a lot of product in your hair prior to washing.
  • The lotion I applied on towel dried hair left my hair frizz free and in great condition, leaving a bit of volume to my hair and it felt soft but not flyaway.

First impressions are, that it leaves my hair feeling pretty great actually, really clean and smooth, and that’s just after one wash.
I’m planning on using this 2-3 times a week

And this is my hair now, not even hitting the mark on the rather nifty measuring t-shirt. Its longer at the front from where its been cut in on a gradient, but still pretty short at the back as you can see.


I am excited to see the results after 5 weeks and shall be popping back on with a progress report!

Have you ever tried any hair growth products?



  1. November 24, 2016 / 3:04 pm

    I've never tried those products but they seem very interesting. I have oily hair on the roots and then dry on the ends, would that work well for me?

    Marta –

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