Gift’s For Him

Gifts for HIm

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

I am pleased to say I am over half done (yay me) and I know lots of you will be even more prepared and will be almost done. But for those who are looking for some little gifts, some inspiration or just want to get a Secret Santa for someone (male), I wanted to do a few gift guides to tie in with my festive posts.  As i mentioned before i LOVE Christmas, I actually love to give gifts more than receive, maybe it’s because I’m a pro-shopper, but i really do enjoy researching items and buying things that match their likes and personality.

Today I’m starting with the fellas for the first gift guide. Now, I don’t know about you but I find that the chaps are usually hardest to buy for, normally because if there’s something they want, they generally go out and buy it themselves.

This year myself and Salvatore (the husband) aren’t doing gifts to each other (read why here) but the kids will still get him a few small pressies and I assist in the buying. 

So without further a do.. here it is!

1. Merchandise Tee

There are so many great band tee’s out there right now,  I know my husband would LOVE this classic Led Zeppelin tee, but there is definitely a whole plethora to choose from with one fitting the genre of your man’s choice. There’s films: Marvel say or TV programmes: Game of thrones being very popular of course, so you can’t really go wrong. These are also great for the wife/girlfriend to steal and wear ?

2. Smart Watch

Men love a good gadget. I think its like their inner boy child that never grows up, the love for gadgets that are like toys to them.

These have come down a lot in price since they came out a couple of years ago, making them more accessible for all. I’ve gone for the Sony S3 smart watch here, with a slimline design and compatible with android devices and perfect for interfacing with your phone. 

3. Man Bag

Controversial? (are you thinking of Joey from Friends with his man bag ?? ) But instead of them (them being the blokes) giving you their wallet, keys and anything else they can’t fit in their jean pockets, how about heir own bag? My husband got his first man bag last year for work relates stuff. I will be honest, I laughed and laughed and laughed. But when i stopped laughing i saw it was actually pretty good. I think if you go for a more Indiana Jones satchel look it can be pretty useful. It can also fit laptops, and all the other male paraphernalia that they generally like to carry around. 

4. Gaming/ Computer Chair

Is your husband a gamer? Or does he sit at the computer a lot? Mine does both. For an avid gamer or even a hard worker, a great chair would be a brilliant practical present. The one I’ve linked to above is pretty suave too, just make sure it fits with you’re decor or is out of the way, ‘cos you’re the one who also has to look at it 😉

5. Vinyl

Did you know Vinyl is having a major come back, to the point where even the bigger supermarkets are stocking records. Records have never gone from our house as Salvatore has collected them for years. But without a doubt, they make a perfect gift each year as there is always a new record to be found to give. If they don’t have a collection, Christmas could be the perfect time to start a new tradition that could be built on year on year. Obviously if its new you may need to buy a record player too 😉 This compact retro style is my absolute favourite. i think i could lay money on this being a great gift for almost any man. Buy a few records from their favourite bands and you have just become the ultimate gift giver ?

6. Novelty Socks

Goes without saying really doesn’t it? Perfect stocking filler, plus men always need socks, its a fact.

Love these Deadpool ones.

7. A Cosy Hat for the cold.

Thoughtful. Show you care with a nice warm hat for his lovely head ?

Now there are a ton of things you could get, aftershave, the latest team kit, PS/XBox/PC game, personalised mouse mats, but hopefully these ideas have helped get the present ideas flowing for you.

Do you have any great ideas to share? Don’t worry i don’t think he’ll be reading ?

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