Beauty Review: Neals Yard x Deliciously Ella Moisturiser & Face Wash

When your favourite recipe creator brings out beauty products you stand in good hope that they will be as excellent as the food content she creates.
The web wonder Ella Mills, author of number one bestseller Deliciously Ella and Mae Deli owner, recently collaborated with the natural and organic beauty brand Neals Yard to bring some foodie benefits to the the beauty world.

Along with Neals Yard and Ella’s ethics all the products are Cruelty Free, Vegan and all organic.

What Ella says about the collaboration

“I worked closely with the team at Neal’s Yard Remedies to create a beautiful blend packed with some of my favourite organic ingredients including balancing rose, toning lime, cooling cucumber and antioxidant-rich blueberries and acai.  I’m so excited for you to try my new Rose, Lime & Cucumber Collection, a simple daily skincare routine to help every skin type achieve a naturally radiant glow. Love Ella x”

So, whats it like?

Well to put it bluntly, its a pure delight for the skin.

But lets start with the packaging.
The blue heavy weight bottles dispense the product extremely well and aren’t fiddly. I love that with a simple push to the pump you are dispensed with the right amount of product and aren’t messing around with undoing lids and such. I keep the face wash by my shower as I always give myself a good facial cleanse whilst in there, so its good to know I can easily get the face wash without faffing.

The bottles also are very aesthetically pleasing (as are all of Neals Yards products) and when the sun shines through they really do look beautiful sat on my bathroom window sill

In regards to the product itself:

Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash:

Rose, lime and cucumber are the main ingredients to this facewash, the scent is a very clean smell, with the strongest being the Rose cutting through. I absolutely love the fragrance of the three aspects together, but its not at all overpowering.

What i noticed about this face wash straight away was the lather produced once rubbed on to the face. It suds up and spreads across the face extremely well, meaning a little goes a long way. 

Once rinsed it left my skin feeling uber clean, like all the days grime had been washed away. My face felt soft yet taut (in that super clean way) and like the perfect base to apply moisturiser. My skin seems to lap the moisturiser up when I’ve washed with this first.

Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber Moisturiser

With the exact same scent they work together hand in hand. Once my face is squeaky clean i dispense a couple of pumps of the white cream and rub in circular motions in to my skin.

The gorgeous scent disperses as quickly as the cream  sinks in to the skin, which is nice as it’s not an overpowering fragrance.

The consistency is a light fluid liquid, rather than a thick heavy moisturiser.

I would say this is the perfect light weight moisturiser that works well underneath makeup also. I’ve been using it morning and night and its light viscosity make this excellent for the barrier between skin and makeup.

What i would say is that if you’re after an anti ageing, wrinkle filling cream then this isn’t for you (nor does it claim to be), but its perfect natural, organic and vegan ingredients make me want to put this on my skin, and it leaves my skin feeling nourished and healthy and not chemically 

Have you tried the Deliciously Ella and Neals yard range? Would you  give it a go?
I think if you are looking for a more natural beauty product, like I have been, this is a great place to start.


  1. October 20, 2016 / 10:56 am

    Those seem like great products! I'm pretty sure I can't get them here but at least I already know now for future reference!

  2. October 20, 2016 / 4:16 pm

    hi Rachel!
    Have you got the best ideas, or what? I'll have to check this stuff out. If you've missed the loop, I have a new blog, a newer blog, up and running now. That one about the home and the shoes was full of weird set up glitches, so… had to start over again. ugh! please check it, k? I'm planning to join your hop tomorrow. I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed but I'll get past all that, yay!!! ♥

  3. October 20, 2016 / 6:58 pm

    Rose, lime and cucumber sound like the most perfect combination! I love Neals Yard so I'll definitely keep my eye out for these.

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  4. October 22, 2016 / 9:11 am

    I absolutely love Neals Yard and have been eyeing these up for ages; the combination of lime and cucumber sounds lovely! NY make the best natural skincare, and I always love the design of the blue bottles.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

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