5 Autumn Winter Boot Must Have’s

One of the things I love about Autumn-winter is bringing the boots out. Boots just make me happier than any other footwear, which is a strange statement I realise. I don’t even know why they please me so greatly, but they just kind of do. Perhaps it’s because most styles I choose are comfy, complete an outfit nicely and are practical at the same time. Maybe it’s because they’re easy to throw on and go, who knows. All i know is I am firmly in the boot loving camp and thoroughly look forward to this time of year where I get to wear my beloved boots once again.

Even though I haven’t included shoes in my capsule, I know that through winter I gravitate towards 5 types and will wear them on constant repeat. With these 5 boots in my possession, I rarely reach for any other shoes.

So here are my 5 Autumn-Winter Boots must have!

The black ankle boot is of course an absolute essential in my shoe collection. Whether you go for a slight heel, flat, buckle, tassel or zips, it is inevitable that a black ankle boot will become a best friend through the winter months.

Both of these Ankle Boots are from Brantano, who incidentally have an excellent collection this season. My preference is a low heel, almond toe and easy on and off. I have already been living in one certain pair that I already own and will wear them from school run to cinema date. Its a no brainer of a boot, but one I know i couldn’t do without.

Left : Brantano Womens Boots

Right: F&F Tassel Boots

As with the the black ankle boots, tan is my next obvious but essential pair. A great pair of tan boots can make an outfit look expensive without trying (and without even being) and look styled as if tonnes of effort has been made. There is nothing nicer than an all black outfit and tan boots for a simple yet an extremely effective look. I absolutely love adding a bit of interest with my tan boots, the buckles on the left pair make these detailed without being overly fussy, making them great day-evening wear. I also wear mine with skinny jeans or dresses or skirts with black tights, which is in-fact what I’m wearing today. Pair with denim, black, khaki or burgundy and you’re on to a winner.

Left: Sorel Boots

Right: Sperry Boots

Not an obvious or necessarily pretty choice, but vital to my winter existence. Yup comfy, warm and snuggly is what I’m after on my cold morning dog walks, or if we do ever get any snow (C’mon snow.. it’s been years, my son doesn’t remember what you’re like!!Anyone else praying for a big snow this year?). At this time of year I’m not that keen on wellies. I find them cold, un-comfy and usually difficult to get off. These two have been on my mind since summer finished. Waterproof, fleece lined and lace up, making these tick all my vital boxes for a comfy winter cold weather boot

Left: F&F

Right: You’re So Vegan

 Over the past couple of winters there has been a revival of the higher leg boot rather than it being just a one boot trend. I love a high leg boot, whether you prefer over the knee of knee high, these will work terrifically with dresses and tights as well as over skinny jeans paired with big thick knits. The low heel on a knee high boot is my preference (although I’m sometimes partial to a heel also) as it makes them great day-wear boots giving your legs that little bit more coverage in the colder months, and you can hide some super thick sock under them too and nobody is any the wiser. Win win!
These are often my investment piece as they wear well and will last you a long time.

Left: Silver

Right: Dark red

 Lastly, what I love to call ‘The Wildcard’ in your collection. This can be anything from a leopard print, a patent pair, a bold red pair or even Space boots (aka silver boots). I never splurge too much on these as they are often just a  passing trend of just a bit of fun. But they sure to make for great dressing up for an evening out. These add instant interest, making a simple outfit instantly fun.  I currently don’t have a wildcard in my collection, I think I need to rectify that pronto!

Do you have any winter boot essentials?
Are they any of the above, or all 5 like me?


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