The Flexi Autumn Capsule & How I Make It Work For Me

I love autumnal dressing: layers, knitwear and boots, lovely coats and hopefully not too much rain (ha, who am I kidding.. But I live in hope) And with my love of capsule wardrobes I am a little bit excited to be putting together my Autumn Capsule.

Some of these pieces have actually transferred on from summer, and I have no doubt will continue in to winter too.. These are Key items i’ve spoken about(here) like denim and cardigans for example.

I love that there are items transcend seasons and just work well regardless. Those pieces are a trusty testament to the #30Wears pledge i blogged about in late summer, which I am of course conscientious about moving forward.

Each time i’ve gone to put something in to my capsule I have asked myself..

  • Can it be remixed multiple ways?
  • Will it work hard towards #30Wears ?
  • Will i still like it after a few wears?
  • Will it wear/wash well?
  • What does your day to day lifestyle require? If it isn’t ball-gowns and tiaras then remember that with your capsule (there’s no point me including lots of fancy pants stuff as i pretty much sit at a desk on my own all day)

These are the basic but key questions I ask myself with each fresh season.

Now rather than the capsule being a hard and fast rule, I am working towards a flexi capsule.

I’ve said this before, but if something isn’t working for you, don’t get hung up on it: sell it, donate it, replace it and move on. This is not an endurance test or designed to make your life miserable, but to ease everyday dressing and to stop obsessive compulsive shopping (for me anyway).

I mentioned on Instagram that I hadn’t bought anything new for my Autumn capsule as yet, I’ve tried to utilise as much of what I have as possible, there are a few holes though, that I am now looking to plug, so there are a few pieces on my shopping list.

But there’s no point rushing out and shopping for them and spending £$£ now when I’m looking at the long game here. In my experience knee-jerk purchases never usually work out well.

Plus, and this is reality here folks, I simply can’t afford to go out and drop hundreds of pounds on new items just to complete my capsule wardrobe.

My life isn’t set up that way, I have the kids needs, house needs and then way down the list are my needs and I’m totally ok with that. 

For the few things I do need, I will shop a piece or so a month along the way (and when I sell pieces to fund new items on my Instagram Sale account.. have you checked it out yet? I’m selling all sorts of great stuff, like Topshop, Hush, Rebecca Minkoff, Radley, Levi’s etc..)

At present I am sat at about 37 Items and that gives me room for manoeuvre of a few things.

This capsule isn’t inclusive of accessories, outerwear or footwear. Its just better for me that way.

Both my outerwear and footwear will be reduced down over the next few weeks as I sell on items to new homes, or give to charity. But I’m giving myself  free-reign over those things and just concentrating my main capsule on the main innards so to speak. 

The actual clothing items for outfits.

So at the moment my capsule is looking like this:


7 dresses (1 smart, 6 causal day dresses)

3 Skirts

6 Jeans 

1 Faux Leather Trousers

6 Casual Tops

6 Shirts/ Blouses

5 Sweaters

3 Cardigans

I want to add in:

A pair of grey jeans

A checked shirt

A blush sweater

A black longline cardigan

And that’s it.. from now until December!

Instead of doing a big showcase of what’s in my capsule (as you’ve seen most of it before as they are pre-existing items) I will do some spotlight posts over the months on the items that are in the capsule! Shaking it up a bit, and more fun for me to share that way.
And if it things flex in or out I shall of course keep you posted!

In all honesty I have found for me to be completely satisfied 45 items seems to be my ‘Happy number’. So looking at the list above it seems small. But I shall run with it and be flexible!

So with a slow fashion stance and a happy heart I am ready to start!

Anyone tempted to try a (Flexi) Autumn capsule wardrobe?

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