Semsem: A Luxury brand with a Conscience

Recently I have found myself looking at more ethical fashion stops. Companies that source with strong ethics and give back accordingly. 

On my cyber travels I figuratively met Semsem en route.

Semsem was founded by Abeer Al Otaiba, a wife to a diplomat, a mother to their daughter and a degree in civil engineering.

The brand is inspired by the strong unbreakable bond between Mother & daughter. 


Semsem honours this ever present, special relationship with a beautiful collection for Mothers & Daughter.

Which is pretty spectacular in its own right. 

A brand born from love. 

Abeer works magic by utilising her civil engineering head to the cutting room floor, brining an attention to exquisite detail, quality and functionality. 

This means the outcome is smart, savvy and stunning.

So the reason I stumbled across Semsem and instantly fell in love with the brand, was the ethical sense of fashion. In this day and age, its so important that brands gives back, instead of penny pinching its profits.

Semsem works with women, giving time and support to charities that educate mothers on how to teach daughters the ways of giving back. This is real women supporting real women. 

Fantastic right?

Now, the brand is luxurious, made with the finest fabrics, so if you’re looking for an investment piece that gives back, well Semsem could be just the perfect match. With stunning kaftans to tailored pieces there are some really special items. Perfect for that special occasion. I love the idea of the soft flowing fabrics for a beach wedding, perfect guest attire. The look book really does shoe off the incredible diversity between embroidery dresses to wide leg sharp trousers.

Have you ever heard of Semsem
And if money were no object what would you buy? Mine would be the above cream dress for the perfect Caribbean evening outfit.



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