Introducing #GR8BOOKCHAT.. All invited!!

I’ve mentioned this a few dozen times before, but I love to read. I have loved reading from an early age, having watched my mum read everything the Library held, I guess that passed on to me.

One of the joys of reading a great book is discussing it with others who have also read it and sharing in those feelings you had for the book. There’s nothing quite like discussing that book that got you so badly, you stayed up until 3am just to finish it.
Then talking about it makes you relive reading it all over again… Well with the good ones anyway.
Of course there are sometimes bad ones, thought provoking and educational to make things interesting.

So with that, myself and Gill of Bookish reader (who runs her own fantastic Book review Blog. She’s my go-to lady for book recommendations) want to share our love of reading with you all and have created #GR8BookChat
We want to read and connect and discuss with you!

So if you love to read please join us!

The third Tuesday of every month  at 8pm we shall we taking to Twitter with the hashtag #GR8BookChat (which stands for Gill & Rachel at 8 Book Chat.. but also looks soooper old school cheesey ‘cos y’know.. we’re Gr8 😉 for one hour to discuss the chosen book.

This month’s choice of book:

The Widdow

The Widow is a psychological thriller, which will have you turning the page and speed reading just to get to the bottom of the horrendous crime that has been committed.
I am currently just over half way through and I can barely put it down.

Its available on kindle and paperback.

Our first chat is on Tuesday October 18th which gives you just less than a month (which i assure you, you won’t need with this page turner!) to read the book and gather your thoughts.
Join us at 8pm on twitter, search the hashtag and you will see the questions we shall post to get the conversation going. All you need to do is write your reply and add the hashtag in so we can keep the conversation going!
We’re aiming for about 5 questions, but the conversation will hopefully just run between us all and be a great share and chat!

Each month we shall post a poll where you, dear readers, will vote for the books which we can then all go on to read and discuss.
We will be covering all sorts of genres and are eager for suggestions and recommendations from you, so if this wasn’t your bag, don’t worry.. we will be reading lots of different things, Plus it’s always good to give something new a read don’t you think?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or come find myself or gill on twitter.


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