What’s In My Bag This Summer

I love these posts from other bloggers so I thought I would share what I carry around with me during the summer months. It does change somewhat for me, as the summer often sees us having a more active lifestyle and going out more for long days of play, so that makes my contents change to accommodate more things.
This summer, if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have just been switching between one black bag and this bag. I have been simplifying, and even though I haven’t quite managed to part with my other bags, I have enjoyed a much simpler affair with just these two.
This one is from Madewell via Shopbop which I got all the way back in January and have not stopped using it since. The other is a slightly smaller black bucket bag, which is pretty perfect for those days when you need a black bag.
I am obviously all about the crossbody bag, I’ma need-my-hands-free kinda gal and it suits my lifestyle.
Now my little boy and step kids aren’t little babies anymore the stuff I carry has condensed, which is always good, but still a mother it means i do carry with me an array of stuff that covers most eventualities. Stuff I’ve learnt over the years will help me out and make life easier for the kids and me.

So here it is.. The contents of my bag minus the ton of crumpled receipts, the odd lego bits and the sweetie wrappers

First up, its worth noting that I use a separate inner bag (its actually a small makeup bag) for what i call my ‘Mum Kit’. Basically its things that I have found over the years have been needed and therefore I keep a stash of these things in my bag. that way if an evident arises I am usually prepared.
This includes
Lipbalm(neutral, non coloured for hubby and the kids mainly)
Hand sanitizer
NYX blotting sheets.. these are a god send on hot sweaty days for oily skin girls like myself
Small pack of handy wipes
Blister plasters and normal plasters for grown ups and children’s baddies.
Savlon antiseptic wipes for cuts and bumps
Tissues.. always need a tissue
Aloe Vera Gel decanted in to a travel pot: This is great for stings, and bumps and grazes as it appeases the child.. we call it magic gel to make them feel better. Also sunburn.
Hair tie and usually lots more hairpins (but i’d used them the day before)
Safety pins for strap breakages, quick clothes alterations or just generally holding something together.
a red pen.. dunno why its a red, but always need a good pen.
And a travel mini Benefit’s Hoola and a brush for a quick bronze update if needed, it brings me back to life instantly this stuff.

So that’s the contents of my ‘Mum Kit’ and honestly I can’t recommend it enough, its saved my bum a number of times and also the people around me. Plus being uber helpful always feels kinda nice. Well after my kids have grown and flown the nest I’m sure I’ll still carry something like this around as it is just that useful, I really recommend it.

Purse next, and during summer I always switch to a smaller coin purse. It just feels more convenient.
This is my lovely Rebecca Minkoff Purse which says Hello Lover. I never realised how useful it would be when I first bought it, but yep. So much use.
Inside again, contents are condensed down from my big Ted baker purse, so I carry
Just my basic bank cards and club cards that I know I use really regularly.
A little bit of money
And a lottery ticket that I haven’t checked yet.. I must.. I could be sat here not knowing I’m a millionaire (pah!)
Oh and my driving licence with my photo looking like I’m literally death warmed up.

Next up a few
Beauty items for me.
Actually the tangle teaser is for my Step daughter who has masses of hair reaching down her back, this is a must if we are out with her, mine i kinda just deal with it. now its short i find it really easy to not bother with through the day, but her massive mane needs re-brushing often.. teens eh.
Then a bright lipstick, a saviour on many many counts. If i look like tired or generally bedraggled a bright lip can be an instant improvement.
Or if I’m in need of some moisture, this tinted lipbalm from Carmex is lovely, so moisturising and love the red pink tint too.
Another lipstick now, you know me, love a lipstick. This one is a soft pink, a kind of your lips but better, for a more subtle natural look, its actually one of my most used.
And finally my Chanel Compact, which I actually use more for the mirror than the powder since getting the NYX blotting sheets (above). I hate piling powder on to my skin as it can block the pores, so yes, the mirror is used mostly for applying a bit of lippy now and again.

Practical stuff finally
My power pack, as my 2 year old phone has terrible battery life, by 3pm its on his last legs, so this pack is a lifesaver.
More hair stuff, a crocodile clip and a no-marks hair-band, apparently i like to have options.
My Iolla Sunglasses, are my absolute faves.. the shape and style are perfect for my life and the tint is just right. My step daughter tried them on recently and said the tint was like the perfect snapchat filter.. High praise indeed 😉
Truvia.. not all places stock natural sweetner, and since quitting aspartame and other sweetners I make sure I have these on me as a just in case, as alas, I still take a sugar in my soya coffee.. I shall quit one day.
Next we have a snack for me as being Gluten Free Plant based/Vegan means there’s not a great deal of food often out there for me to eat. Preparation is key as I get hangry and a little light headed if i don’t eat. These Perkier bars are amazing and really fill a hungry hole. Gluten free, Dairy free and packed with goodness, they taste awesome too.
Then some gum.. ‘cos fresh breath is always nice
And one last pen.

Few.. That’s way more than i realised I was carrying around.

So there we have it, the contents of mon sac. 
What do you carry around with you? If you’ve done a post like this, please do link below in the comments, as I’d love to have nosey  read, as sometimes we can all learn little useful things from each other.



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  2. August 20, 2016 / 4:10 pm

    I love seeing inside other peoples handbags! I have about three pouches in which I have my mum things, my own things and my random things, I like to change my bag all the time so this way I can just take the pouches and pop them in my other bag. I am so glad my kids are bigger and I don't have to carry all those things about anymore, it killed my shoulder!

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