Beautiful Products by Green People #crueltyfree

Since starting on the road to more natural, organic and Cruelty Free beauty products I have found a number of wonderful beauty brands and products that look and feel great on my skin.
Its so nice to know that what I’m putting in and on my body are the best possible products for a healthy genuine life. No animal cruelty, not masses of harsh chemical crap, just wonderful clean ingredients with equally great ethics also… S’no bad thing right?

Green People was one of the brands that I found on Twitter about a month ago. I was immediately drawn to their website which offered exactly what I was seeking for my beauty regime.

After chatting to their lovely correspondent about what I was looking for in my products she made some suggestions and sent some over for me to try. And am I glad she did (SO so glad)

Lets take a closer look shall we:

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. Beautiful in simplicity, no fussiness, minimal clean lines. Love that already.
I was sent
The tinted moisturiser
The Soft Skin Buff
The 24hr Brightening Fluid
The Volumising Mascara
And Eye cream (not pictured, as i stupidly left it upstairs)

Each product comes with a clear guide to how organic the product is and what is in it, perfect for newbies like me who are just embarking on a more natural journey.
The scent to each is fresh but not overpowering with notes of lemon grass.

I’m going to start with possibly my most favourite product.

The 24hr Brightener Moisturiser(Cruelty free & Vegan)

This product blew me away.. And I don’t say that lightly. I have tried A LOT of products over the years and none have worked like this one has for me.

I have fairly oily skin, yet its dull at the same time. Most Brightening Fluids make me look greasy rather than glowy, resulting in an oil slick look with my makeup sliding off my face.

This does not do that.. AT ALL.

It brightens and leaves my skin, dewy and with a real glow I’ve never experience before. I have to say its a fabulous product.

I apply this every morning, lately I’ve even just been going out with just this and some bronzer on as it creates such a wonderful finish to the skin. But if I know I’m in need of coverage this is my first layer, I then will put the Tinted moisturiser over the top.

The Tinted DD Moisturiser (Cruelty Free & Vegan) is just like a BB cream (but with Daily Defence built in) with a light evening-effect coverage, which is perfect for Summer. My skin has quite an uneven skin tone, so this creates a nice base for me. Beautifully soft on the skin, again not greasy (yay) and has Spf 15 in it which is a definite plus point. This is all I’ve worn for the past month, it’s hard to explain, but it just leaves my skin feeling the best it has in years. Soft, supple and not smothered in product.

The Soft Skin Buff Exfoliator (Cruelty Free & Vegan) is super gentle. Free from marine damaging plastic microbeads (nasty things) scrubbing at your skin, this is just a gentle polish which leaves your skin feeling wonderfully buffed, clean and free of any dead skin or debris from the day. With a hint of orange it feels refreshing on the skin, I like to use it in the shower and i always feel like my face is left super soft after usage. 

Finally for today (as I shall keep the eye serum for my next post)

The Organic Volumising Mascara( Cruelty Free & Vegetarian, due to Beeswax for water resistance).

Prior to recieving this mascara I had purchased another Cruelty Free Vegan from a different brand. It was ok, but my main problem was that at the end of the day I had to fight with my lashes to get it off. Now I hate that. At the end of the day I’m tired and need as minimal effort as possible to be made before dropping my bones in to bed. 

The Green People mascara was completley different. It goes on well, no clumps due to its plastic wand, it gives length and volume, no smudges under the eye through wear, it stays out as long as I need it to and it comes off easily at night time.. Great all rounder.



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