Summer Bags: Think Fringing

Every summer that rolls around see’s a more relaxed, casual vibe from myself. I guess it’s the ease of dressing, the undone, effortless look, and sometimes the heat, that sends me to an informal style of attire. But i love it; I love the loose layers, those bohemian vibes satisfy my inner Hippie chick.
I have the peasant tops and floaty dresses down pat, but once dressed and heading out the door, I stood for a moment contemplating the perfect summer handbag to accompany the easy-summer look.
Turned out I didn’t have one!
And as i grabbed a sub-par bag choice out of necessity, I got to thinking what would be perfect. Something that can be used all year round, but is especially perfect come summer.
The Fringe Bag
Oodles of boho vibes, fun and definitely worth investing in. Fringing has been around for seasons and is quite simply a bag staple these days.. So why don’t I have one??
Cue shopping..
I feel like this is a bag I could potentially be using for a long time to come. These days when something is added to my downsized wardrobe, it has to have longevity and be able to withstand multiple seasons and serve many functions ( I mean, its just a bag, but it has to be able to be used a lot)

So I’m starting with a great neutral option for summer that could be used again and again…
Tan. I love a great tan bag. Great with everything including and especially black.

Label Lab Tan Fringe Bag (only 1 left at time of posting.. had to include it though as its so pretty)

It’s more satchel version  than I would usually go for but equally appealing on the fringe front. And a pretty small price tag to boot.

Next up and possibly my favourite

 Miss Selfridge Tan bag

Side fringing, crossbody and tan. love, love love. Small price tag too making this a great option for dabbling with fringing.

Backpack versions

Label Lab Black or Khaki Backpack

Infinitely useful through summer. As a mother, having a bag that can carry a lot of stuff(for the kids, for the dog, for me) is always advantageous. Adore the khaki colour-way, it would transcend in to autumn so well.. but then the black is also pretty timeless too.

New season and a pop of colour from Whistles now


Beautiful, right? Being New Season goes to show that once again Fringing will be following us in to autumn and this will make a rather fabulous transitional bag. The red is just divine. Love a red bag. Endless possibilities. Slightly smaller, so perhaps more for those moments when you find yourself sans kids (or all the time if you don’t have any 😉

From Small to Big Bags now.. There’s a fringe option for all.

Left: Label Lab Black Tote

Right: Kenneth Cole Burgundy bag

Both pretty perfect, but the Kenneth Cole is particularly fabulous, with its deep maroon hue and its also cross-body(my favourite) and has the top handle, so tick tick there.

From big to small but this would make the perfect evening out bag.

Label Lab Black Fringed Clutch

Love the idea of this bringing some interest to an outfit. Gorgeous little bag.

And finally finishing on the wild card..

Canary yellow anyone?

Just Cavalli

Less than half price, but still an investment. Yellow bags just bring such a great pop of colour. I have one (no where near as fabulous as this) and it always makes me happy when I wear it. Instant outfit update and conversation starter.

So there we have the cream of the crop of the Fringed Bags.

What are your thoughts on fringed bags? Love or loathe?

I am now utterly desperate for one as i think it could be a little work horse for me.

Which is your favourite?


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