Haircare & Cruelty Free Products I Use

Becoming plant based/ vegetarian isn’t just about changing what you put in to your body, for me it’s also about what you put on your body too.
I don’t eat animals and feel their worth so why would I buy from a company that still tests products on animals (which is completely unnecessary in this day and age in my honest opinion).
So i got researching great cruelty free and Vegan products.

Now if you’ve read this far and you’re thinking, well I’m not vegetarian/vegan so why would this bother me?

These products are for everyone. The fact that they have sparred those cute fluffy bunnies or other such animals, then surely that can only be a great thing, right?
Plus I am doing a lot of research to make these products easy to find and tried and tested by yours truly.. instead of a guinea pig testing, you have me doing all the leg work for you.

So.. HAIRCARE.. I will be completely honest with you, my hair is like my crowning glory. I love my hair, and as much as I’ve struggled with it over the years for it’s bi-polar crazy ways (seriously, frizzy, greasy, a bit straight a bit wavy, there’s often no way of knowing what it wants to do), I have finally found a groove that we can both metaphorically dance to.

Starting point for me is cleansing & conditioning

Superdrug has really proven to be a fantastic source for Vegan/Cruelty free products as ALL their own range is cruelty free. So not only are you getting an absolute bargain as the prices are miniscule, but they are morally pleasing items too.
I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, depending on what I’m doing, basically if i can string it out between washes, I always will. Once washed my hair reverts to a frizzy crazy mess, so i need that as little as possible in my life.
The Superdrug Caring Coconut & Almond Shampoo & Conditioner is a very gentle shampoo, very natural and smells wonderful (love me some coconut scents).
Because it is more of a natural product it does feel very different on the hair; first off, it takes a lot to get a good lather, I will often have to add a bit more, or dip my head in under the water to encourage some foam-age. Once rinsed, my hair feels super tangly, but the conditioner works well to counteract that.
As shampoo & conditioner go they are fine. I am nearly through these bottles so i shall be looking at trying Faith in Nature, which I’ve heard good reviews about.

Next up brushing detangling

Now to me, and possibly the majority of the female population The Tangle Teaser is the best thing since sliced bread. Cutting through knotty tangled hair like a knife to butter, this thing has saved many a crying small child from the agonizing hair brushing ritual. 

My sister has 2 gorgeous little girls. They were both blessed with beautiful but crazy curly hair. The Tangle Teaser is the only thing that tamed those heads of crazy curls without inducing tears. 

Marvel at its wonder..

 Now my hair is shorter I don’t have to worry too much about knotty hair, but this just feels so therapeutic when I brush with the Tangle Teaser. My hair becomes silky soft, it also removes any dead hair and leaves my tresses silky soft and knot free. This one is a fab ‘on -the-go’ size in a rather dashing gold (snazzy, i know. They also have leopard print, insert heart eyed emoji here!) which is perfect for me and the teen step daughter who has hair down to her bottom, and when we are out the pesky wind is our arch nemesis. (Not any more with the Tangle teaser of course). Bloomin’ love this thing, and any household that has a female in it should have one 😀

ahem.. excuse the literal no makeup look… this is me genuinely getting ready 😉

On to Styling Products

Took me a while to navigate the Cruelty Free Hair product waters.. but with a bit of perseverance I found my new go-to styling products.
Both the Style Expertise Heat Protecting Spray & Anti Frizz Serum are new to me (Superdrug came to the rescue once again!) and both work just as well as the likes of L’oreal or Toni & Guy which i previously used regularly. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering, the product does what is says and reduces both damage and frizz nicely. Super pelased to have found these are they are now staples in my haircare routine.
A favourite look for me is the simply tousled look.. ie lazy girl hair. A texturizing spray is a must for me. I often let my hair dry naturally, and with a generous spritz of The Lee Bancroft texturizing mist, it leaves me with beachy (read:messy-but-in-nice-way) hair. So simple, so easy, and perfect summer hair. I picked this one up in Tesco and have had it a while, I really like the product and plan to repurchase.

Finally: Stylin’

Two day hair styles are my favourite no brainer.. It’s been a while since i’ve done this no-heat curl style, but with it being warm I thought it was perfect for day 1. Firstly all the clean-just washed and naturally dried hair is scooped up and off the neck. It’s wrapped around a stretchy circular head band and left that way for the rest of the day. Get on with your biz, sleep on it, do as you please. It’s messy but fun and super easy to do.
Let me know if you’d like a hair tutorial on how to do this. Perhaps I could vlog it (eek)?

Then day 2 hair, once the band is removed and the hair is brushed through with my Tangle Teaser, you are left with fabulous, full bodied waves.
So. Flippin’. Easy.
No heat, no damage to the hair and a lovely outcome.. What’s not to like?

So there we have it. My hair care: Products & styling!

Is there anything you use as part of your haircare routine that you would highly recommend?

And would you think about buying cruelty free products in future?


  1. July 18, 2016 / 9:14 pm

    Yes please do a vlog and/or FB Live, your hair is beautiful. Superdrug are fab, I worked on a campaign for them on the blog and Red and their make up range is vegan too and cruelty free. You look gorgeous as always hun x

  2. July 27, 2016 / 7:23 am

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