Food Talk: Plant Based Life, Veganism & Intolerances

I wanted to talk today about food and the switch I have made over the past 9 months and how i feel the best I have in years. When something feels so right, to the point of seeing amazing results I think its only nice to pass on that knowledge and hope that maybe it can help someone else.

Ok.. Where to start with my story..
I have suffered IBS and flare ups most of my adult life. I could go for some time being absolutely fine, then like a switch had flicked I would be really poorly for a cycle of 3 days where my body would just go in to melt-down. This would include, the mother of all stomach-cramps, severe bloating, feeling lethargic, then light-headed and on occasions passing out, then my body would evacuate everything in it, meaning multiple, multiple trips to the bathroom. After that I would be left feeling pretty weak, have mouth ulcers and a really tender tummy.
It was awful.
I had tried IBS over the counter meds but they ended up blocking things up so to speak, but making me feel equally crappy.

I had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle through my twenties. A life of running a stressful business meant long hours, lots of takeaways and convenience foods. I had constant sugar dips which would have me reaching for another can of Coke every time.
Looking back, I can’t believe I was so unhealthy. But you live you learn.

I made a switch to a pecastarian(no meat just fish) diet about 9 months ago, I didn’t like consuming animals, but yet wasn’t quite ready to make the switch completely.
I was plodding on, still eating wheat and dairy, still having some pretty bad flare up’s and wondering what the hell I needed to do to just feel normal again.

My husband had been a Vegetarian for years, feeling something still wasn’t quite sitting right with us we started to do some research. We sat down and watched some documentaries on the farming of animals and the effect on both the animals and the environment.
We started with Cowspiracy on Netflix then this by Erin Janus  literally made me cry (and I’m not being dramatic here , or emoji inserting for the hell of it, I’m completely serious, I cried and had to pause it to compose myself.. that is my polite warning.. its graphic but true) And Bite Size Vegan were excellent and in many cases disturbingly painful sources of reality.

From then we quit meat and dairy and haven’t looked back.
When people talk about vegans it has a real negative stigma attached to it, with Vegans being deamed as extremists and OTT. I think passion is often confused for extremity.

I’m not true vegan, I still use honey and do consume a small amount of free range eggs (which I am currently researching and looking to also quit).  I also still wear wool and currently leather. But I want to be better. The point of change is always a hard one, but surely its worth it?

I am Plant Based
Eating a Plant based lifestyle has left me feeling pretty darn good. My skin is cleare than its been in years, and i feel healthier from the inside.
Here’s a great piece I found on why plant based eating is simply fantastic

So, already starting to feel a lot better physically and mentally I then decided to go have an Intolerance test to find out what the route cause of all my troubles over the years has been.

I’ve made a rambly little vlog about it here, no editing, just rambling and even a big pile of stuff in the background.. #RealLife 😉

I booked in for an Intolerance Test with Nutritionalist Vicky Perkins at Beanfreaks in Cardiff. Really helpful, lovely and assisting.
The test was pain-free and took about an hour with chatting along the way.

It was conclusive that I have a High intolerance to Wheat, aspartame, Coke, Coffee (wahh!) and Wine.
After the results we chatted and it revealed that my body has a hard time with fatty foods. It doesn’t break them down well and can send me in to a bad cycle.

All this made complete sense.
It confirmed everything and more, that had been on my mind. Thankfully I had already made tracks in to conquering my food demons and had been eating Plant based for the past couple of months, which had already shown fantastic results for me.
The confirmation has just spurred me on even more to live a healthy clean-eating lifestyle.
I refuse to call it a diet as diet implies weight loss and that’s not why I’ve ventured down this road ,although I have lost a stone and now my weight is sitting in exactly the same place week in week out, its like its found its happy ground, I started this to feel better, to feel like my insides weren’t hating me any more.
But along the way I also found an ethical grounding too. No longer consuming animals has become a huge part of my life.

I’m going to follow this post up with a ‘What I Eat In A Day’ post next week, as its the main thing people often ask.. When I explain that I’m Plant-Based Wheat intolerant I get utter looks of confusion and expressions of “Well.. what do you eat then?” To which I always reply.. “Fantastic food!”

I know this sounds cheesy but I have honestly never felt better. I feel the happiest and healthiest I ever have, and that’s a huge statement to make.

Have you ever thought about what you put in to your body and how it effects you?


  1. July 28, 2016 / 5:24 pm

    So inspiring hun and I would LOVE an allergy test, going to research near me. You look fantastic and sound so happy which is EVERYTHING x

  2. July 29, 2016 / 11:54 pm

    You're so lucky to feel so good on a plant based diet. I was a veggie for years, and it made me feel terrible. I have tried it many times since, but even pescetarinism leaves me body unhappy. So I eat only free-range, pasture raised meat. It is important to be aware that Europe (my country anyway) has much stricter animal welfare laws than the US where most of the plant based stuff comes from. Factory farming is pretty rare in my country, anyway.

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