The Pitfalls of Capsule Wardrobes

I wanted to write this post for me as well as you as the past couple of weeks i feel like I’ve been ever so slightly failing on the capsule wardrobe front.
Its been a tough couple of weeks with one thing or another and I’m openly admitting there are days when I will be just sat in my scraggy dog walking jeans and a tee all day.
I started evaluating why this capsule wasn’t working as well as my Spring capsule and i had a few realisations about capsule wardrobing that i thought i would share with you. I’ve waxed lyrical about it previously, so its only fair i show some of the pitfalls as well.

When capsule Wardrobes Don’t Work Out

I’ve said it 546205873 times before, but British weather is just not consistent, we don’t tend to have true seasons (apart from wet.. we do wet really well) and therefore summer can be cold, wet, windy or sunny. The past 10 days have been consistent at least, but consistently raining.. Not what you want for your summer capsule. I planned a slight contingency of a raincoat, but did end up having to dig out a couple more pairs of jeans as my ‘Summer Capsule’ really only had 1 pair of plain jeans. The khaki jeans were fine, the coral jeans looked horrendous in the rain as they show up every little rain drop, and the chinos are too light in fabric for such rainy conditions. So stretch that over 10 days and i had 2 pairs of trousers to wear, With washing and drying taking forever (no tumble drier here and no heating on ..’cos it’s june!) as it’s always sodding raining, this left me trouser-less. Rachel in her panties is sooo not a good look, and so i caved and brought a few more trousers in to the mix.
The other thing I noticed was that even though it hasn’t been freezing, it is definitely not warm. My capsule has lots of lovely cami vest tops, which i’ve tried layering with cardi’s, but faced with a day of rain and a little cami top is hardly my item of choice for the day.

In the space of 1 day i managed to stain not one, but two white tops. I shouldn’t be allowed to wear white. Tshirt number one was my cream scoop neck, it was first thing in the morning, i was walking around with my coffee in my hand, obviously desperate to be caffinated as i got the children ready for school. I turned a little to briskly to do something and emptied half a cup down the front of me…Pfftt! My first thought was what a waste of good coffee, second was hells bells, this top is most definitely ruined.
Later that day after i had changed in to a creamy white Topshop cami I was making bolognese… well that was a rookie mistake wasn’t it. And i call myself an adult.
The tshirt I have tried numerous methods of stain removal and nada. The cami has hope.. it may live another day, but its still a casualty none the less.
And then lastly, bleach. Friendly warning: don’t bleach your bathroom in your nice jeans.. i lent on something I shouldn’t have and needless to say i have white spots of colour removal on my once lovely jeans.

Weight Loss
I have been working on my health and eating clean. There’s been something a-miss with my body and some food types for years. I’ve narrowed it down and eliminated the things that appear to be making me feel ill. I have actually just booked a food intolerance test for myself in July so i am interested to see what the outcome will be. Recently I have been eating more and more of a plant based diet, I have been Vegetarian for a while and eating gluten free naturally led me to Plant based recipes too. This way of eating as made me so happy. Its like my insides are thanking me. I’ve cut out almost all processed foods and just eating as clean as possible. My skin has cleared up and i have lost weight and a lot of bloat.
So from that a lot of my clothes are now too big. I never started this food-lifestyle transition to necessarily loose weight, (although i had been trying loose a pesky few pounds) and add in the walking i’ve now added in to my daily routine, it has now left A LOT of my bottoms too big. My beloved culottes are huge, even belted they look like a sack tie round the middle and my Madewell jeans are saggy everywhere… sad sad times for bottoms. I’m currently looking for a good local seamstress, but this again could be a lengthy process, leaving me slightly disabled once again on the Capsule front.

So what does this mean for me and my Summer Capsule?
Well I’m not going to go too hard on myself.. its just dressing after all, and honestly I’ve had enough problems to deal with (broken fridge-freezer, car broken down, tap broken off integrated sink, just to name a few of my day to day issues), so I’ve allowed myself a couple of new items (hello jeans that fit like a dream) and flexed in from storage a few more things. My original number of 38 items has now flexed up and I’m currently at about 45 items of clothing. That’s still with shorts and little vest tops, dresses and all things summery, which are soooo not getting worn right now (Actually sat here with a blanket wrapped around me as it is cold, plus rain forecast for the week, oh the joys of old Blighties climate).
So yes, I am persevering with it, even if the number is a little higher, i think the most important thing is to make it work for you, the number doesn’t matter. If you need 50 things you need 50 things. The idea which i keep reminding myself of,is that i do not need a bazillion dresses and a whole load of other articles that just don’t get worn. I don’t need a different outfit everyday… I am not Victoria Beckham(pity). Even with a flexible number i am wearing them and getting use out of them, plus shopping SO much less, which for me was very important. Yes i may have to invest in a couple of pieces, but i don’t do so lightly.. I shop knowing that those pieces will have to work bloody hard for me.

And that’s where I’m at right now, wishing the weather breaks and we final get a bit of a summer, because if when it does, i will be ready for it with dresses and skirts and pretty little tops.

Have you ever had a capsule Fail? Or if you’ve never capsuled, don’t let this put you off, I have written about the positive of the process here and tips here!



  1. June 28, 2016 / 11:15 pm

    You know I've never done that but I think it would be a great idea . It can definitely save me so much time in the morning . I'm just afraid I'm going to end up feeling that I need something that is not on my capsule wardrobe . I may try this next season
    The color palette

  2. June 29, 2016 / 3:42 am

    I'm nervous about trying a capsule for those exact reasons…mostly weather n mess! I love that you allow some flexibility to the whole process! Very real life!

  3. June 30, 2016 / 8:00 am

    Good to hear both sides of having a capsule wardrobe. This weather is so depressing, I have a few new summer bits I bought but just can't wear them! Jane X

  4. July 2, 2016 / 12:49 pm

    I read capsule wardrobe posts all the time and am always intrigued by them but I just don't think it is something I could implement. I think I would get bored of the clothes too easily!

    Charlotte |

  5. July 29, 2016 / 2:59 am

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