The Easy Summer Glow Guide

When it comes to Summer I am all about less makeup, natural wavy hair and easy-going styles. But that’s not to say i don’t enjoy feeling a little bit bronzed, it just means it has to be easy for me to do. I’ve never been a complex beauty regime type of girl. Yes, i love me some beauty products as much as the next girl, but I mostly like to enhance rather than cover up. That’s why today i thought i would share my favourite summer Glow pieces that are tried and tested and easy to use. Nothing complicated, nothing expensive, just good, economical products that will help create a bit of that summer Glow.

Preparation is key..

Tanning requires a little bit of prep work to enable a flawless finish. I find if i prep like a boss first then it makes the outcome much better, every time. 

First up, in the shower i use an exfoliating scrub to rid any dead skin(oooh lovely) and leave me silky smooth. The Soap & Glory Orangeasm Exfoliating Body Polish is a beautiful fresh smell and really gritty, which is what i want from a body scrub. This is also excellent for ridding previous tan applications too.

After I’ve showered and dried I moisturise. Now, it’s taken me years to moisturise, i was previously so lazy it was just something i would never do, terrible i know. So i had to find something quick and easy that worked for me to stick at it. The Vaseline Spray Formula is perfect for lazy girl me. It absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave a residue and smells delightful. I also find it perfect for getting to all areas that can be tricky like my lower back etc.


I have tried A LOT of tan products over the years and these are the two i always fall back on. Quick easy and reliable.

There are two different types of tan that i opt for. Gradual developing Tan which is more subtle, and 

Full on Instant Tan. I use both for different occasions. 

If i have an event then i will use the Rimmel Instant Tan in the cream formula (mouse formulas always let me down, i find the bottle dispensers always break or leak), I apply this evenly with a Tanning Mit (which i would say is the one and only vital tool!). 

There are number of great things with the Rimmel Instant tan: 

Firstly the obvious, no developing time, it’s on and its done, it dries down really quickly and you can head out the door. Convenience is king for me.

There are no streaks as you can see where its been put as it comes out a browny tan colour, this enables you to see where you’ve tanned and where needs rubbing in.

It washes off, yet is water resistant. If theres a small rain shower, your tan isn’t going to run off, but it does come off in the shower. I like this because for me, this is kind of an event tan. If I’m going to a wedding or something special, i like to apply this. The fact i can wash it off the next day usually works out perfectly for me.

And no smell! There doesn’t seem to be any of that strange biscuity smell with this tan, which is definitely a plus point in my eyes.

My second tanning product is the Gradually developing Tan. A lot more subtle and natural looking. I opt for an oldie but a goodie, Palmers Natural Bronze. The spray formula again is just what i love. Its easy to use and evenly distribute. I still rub this in afterwards to make sure the skin is evenly covered and then wash my hands afterwards. I’ve used two cans of this so far as i really do like it. It smells good, and is a really good moisturiser too. 

Summer Glowing Makeup

Come Summer I always switch up my foundation, from a heavier product to a lighter more moisturising product. I’ve tried a lot of BB & CC creams, and know what i like and what i don’t like from the products.
I’ve recently tried the Estee Lauder Double Wear Glow BB Cream( I go for Intensity 02, which is the most perfect shade for me) and it is dreamy.. Just beautiful. Its glowy and light but still has great coverage for evening my skin tone. I’ve tried many BB creams and with my oily skin they do tend to wear off by about 1pm, but this one stays intact all day, which really surprised me.

Another oldie but a good Benefit’s Hoola. This gets dragged out every summer as it never fails me. Its the perfect bronzer as its is completely matt. I don’t like my bronzer to have shimmer, as if i want shimmer i will add it with some highlight (like the above Rimmel trio above), its not orangey, its just warming and so easy to apply. It also matches my tanned body with my face perfectly.

For lipstick i like a hint of coral for those holiday, beachy vibes.
A fabulous find again from Estee Lauder, is the dual use Cheek & Lip tint.. this bad boy is fantastic! The cheek tint is the best blush I’ve used in a long while, the colour pay off is intense, but easily rubbed in, creating a creamy glow on the apples of your cheeks. Not only is it great on the cheeks its also a perfect lipstick and gloss too. I’ve been wearing this non stop lately. I love the staying power of the cheek tint, it really does last all day.

And for the nails. There’s nothing that shows off a tan quite like a light pearlescent colour. A little bit of shine and shimmer really works a treat. Any light colours will contrast against your healthy glow, i used the Maybelline Super Stay.

Do you have any Summer Glow products that you would recommend? I’m always in search of something new to try so do share!


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