Shopping Savvy for Summer Treats

I’ve had a God awful week so far, one thing or another has broken or gone wrong. Our fridge-freezer broke just after I’d done my big shop, the kitchen tap snapped off in my hand, and my cars on the fritz.. to make things worse I then had an appointment at the doctors to be prodded and poked as we ladies have to be from time to time. All excellent stuff as you can imagine..pfft!
To say i have had enough of adulting this week would be an understatement.
So treats are in order.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am an emotional shopper. When times get tough, i shop, it helps relieve the tension. Some people to sports, some take a bath. I shop.
But with my capsule wardrobe in place and trying to shop more consciously rather than quite frankly, ridiculously, it got me looking for pick-me-ups with a more savvy eye. Something that isn’t a clothing item, so still in-keeping with my Capsule, something that would put a little smile on my face and something that wouldn’t break the bank.
I’m talking deals and savings.
I love a bargain, and as time goes on i am getting more frugal with my money. If i want or need something i will search for discount codes and savings wherever possible (like with my new fridge freezer.. my god, the amount of research I’ve done for a bloomin’ fridge freezer is crazy)

So with a few pound to spend i frugally started looking for some discount and offers. 

Everyday is Black Friday had what i needed. Asos coupons and discounts in hand i started to look at some purse friendly but mood enhancing pick me ups.

Things I like that really cheer me up

1. Pyjamas.
As soon as I’ve put Neo to bed i always fall in to my pj’s. Its my wind down time, my comfy time and no restrictive clothing time. I love this palm print romper style pj’s, perfect for summer.

2. Stationary
As an avid list maker I am always more than a bit smitten with a new writing pad and funky pens.

3. Makeup & Makeup case
Instant mood elevators, whether its a new shade of lipstick or a nail polish, i love a small pick me up treat in the form of makeup.

4. Home pieces 
Currently about to embark on decorating our living room. I’m trying to buy little pieces here and there to surround myself with happy, positive things. When you work from home a little inspiration and a lovely work environment really does help.

5. New shoes
New shoes, the ultimate pick me up. Shoes never make you feel fat, always look good and don’t have to break the bank. Currently looking at some new espadrilles , which seems ridiculous as they could quite possibly disintegrate if i wore them out right now (torrential rain please go away!)

6. Fun summer clutch
Embroidered and tassely goodness. Instant outfit maker and updater.

All items via Asos

What do you shop for if you’re in need of a pick-me-up?

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  1. June 17, 2016 / 1:51 pm

    So sorry for your rough week. "When it rains, it pours" and it can be annoying how it all happens together.
    Rachel xo

  2. June 21, 2016 / 12:47 pm

    Well things can only get better! So far this week my tumble dryer has broken (it's an antique so I'm surprised it's lasted this long) and I've trapped my finger in the door. There'll probably be a third somewhere along the way!

    Emma xxx

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