Monthly favourites: Life, Style & Beauty

 Oh i do love to share my monthly favourites. I like making little mental notes through the month of things i’ve particularly appreciated. And that is what i bring you today. Things that have piqued my interest and made me happy.
We have a little selection of beauty products, couple of style pieces and a few general life items that i’ve appreciated and thought I’d share.
So, starting with

A Bit of Beauty

1. Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner.
I tried this product because I like the idea behind the re-balancing and the silicon free side of it. I have greasy roots and dry(ish) ends and generally unbalanced hair. I find the shampoo lovely to use, it left my hair really soft and super clean, i felt like it really shifted all the icky stuff that was in my hair (dry shampoo, moose, hairspray) which was quite a task, but left my hair gorgeously shiny and soft, so much so i kept smoothing my own hair and ahhing at its silkiness. Now that’s not something that happens very often with my ‘fro of hair.

2. Continuing on the same vane with hair, I tried the Hair Experts Root Touch Up in medium brown. I have really fast (greying..ugh!) hair and so my roots show through really quickly (I’m naturally a really mousy dull meh kinda brown) so when i spot those pesky greys or when general re-growth becomes visible this is ideal for blending all my problems away. I found it particularly good for those pesky greys that like to stand proudly away from the rest, desperate for attention. Well this product sorted that right out. It was surprisingly like an eye-shadow but the powder sat well on the hair and coverage was great Its really helped between hair appointments, meaning i can last that little bit longer between colours.

3. Real techniques miracle sponge (beauty blender equivalent) Love love love this product. This is my third one and i can’t tell you how good it is for making foundation look flawless. If i start with a foundation brush, i will always end with the sponge as it just gives the best finish. Use damp for a dewy finish, or just dry to even out coverage.  Highly recommend. Plus it works great with all coverage foundations.. i’ve tried high coverage and CC creams and its brilliant on both.

4. Not a new product but something i’ve just repurchased after using it a lot of late. Benefit Porefessional pore minimizer. Now i had a sample size of this and I liked it a lot. I then skimped and bought the Maybelline Pore Eraser, which i really didn’t like. It felt like a slick of silicon on my face and made me feel greasy and like my makeup was going to slide off. Did not like. So i went back to Benefit, and appreciated it all the more after my disastrous attempts with the other product. It feels beautiful on the skin, it really does minimize pores and has just a teeny bit of colour correction to it, which helps me to even out my terribly uneven skin tone. Lately i’ve just been wearing this dotted in the places i need it ( I use sparingly) with just a bit of concealer and some Hoola and keeping things really paired back and natural, and by natural i mean that no-makeup look that requires makeup, of course.

5. Bourjois CC cream my skin just laps this up. I always opt for this over full foundation come summer as it feels as light as a moisturiser but has great colour correction with the coverage. Really light to wear, and i would say if you’re not a foundation fan but fancy dabbling with something to give you a nice even glowy complexion, this is the product for you. I swear by it.

6. NYX Blotting Paper Why oh why as an oily skinned lady have i not used these before? They are serious game/face changers. Because I’m so oily, by about 12 o’clock i can resemble a grease slick, not attractive on any level. Simple wipe away and you’re good to go on with your life. I previously would be powdering down every few hours, but honestly in the heat and summer you don’t want to be adding another layer of make-up and feeling caked all day long. These are little miracle workers, an incidentally, my skin has been in such better condition for not layering on lots of powder thanks to these.

7. Blistex Moisture Plus I’m a flitter with lip balm, I have hoards of the stuff (usually lost in the darkest depths of my many handbags, did i ever tell you of the time i went through all my handbags and pulled out 26 lip products.. true story, there was me thinking the lipstick gremlins were stealing them, turns out it was just my laziness..again) But this one above has a hint of colour,  and its so lovely on. (i can’t find it online anway, wahh! So have linked the closest)

Bit of Style

 1. Aztec clutch. This clutch is so old, it was a cheapie from F&F Tesco a couple of summers ago, but each summer i pull it out and each summer i reach for it time and time again. Its just big enough to fit most things but summery too and that makes me happy. Plus it goes with a lot of my capsule. Try this one for a fun aztec vibe.

2. As mentioned above i do love a bit of Aztec, it seems to be a recurring summer theme for me, and this necklace just pairs in nicely with that theme.

3. These earrings are just constant favourites.. teal just goes with everything!

Bit of life

1. Plants. I am of the non-green fingered persuasion.. But i wish i wasn’t. So i’ve been trying super hard to keep a selection of plants alive this last month, i mean how hard could it be, i’ve kept my son alive for nearly 6 years, plants should be a doddle, right?

2. Spiralizer. Oh courgetti is my new best friend. You see wheat hates me. I love it but it sure doesnt love me back. My unrequited love for wheat normally ends like most unrequited love stories with me in bloated agony. The switch to courgetti has been amazing. I’m looking for other recipes and things to spiralize.. do you have any suggestions? I’d love to get some recipe recommendations as at the moment i only make courgetti with my spiraliser. I picked this one up with via Discountrue with an Amazon voucher and its been bloody marvellous.

3.Books/ Reading. I have been devouring books like a little book eating worm lately. With the husband working away a lot and not currently being seriously involved with any box sets, i am reading one book after the other. Its currently chick lit light hearted rom coms, but sometimes i like thrillers, sometimes biographies, basically anything and everything. I love to read. I love becoming invested in the characters and the sad feeling of leaving them once the book is over.
If you’ve read anything good that you would recommend i would love to hear in the comments, i am always looking for my next book to read.

What have you been loving this past month, do share if you think there’s anything i should try? I’m all ears.


  1. Anonymous
    June 15, 2016 / 10:42 pm

    Hi Rachel,

    Love your blog and I think I'm your hair twin- although in this weather even mine is reaching fro heights never seen before! Also love my chick lit, and have just read and would recommend 'The little shop of happy ever after', by Jenny Colgan, and 'The woman who stole my life', by Marian Keyes.

    Take care,


  2. Anonymous
    June 25, 2016 / 8:17 am

    I've just come back from my holiday and read 'The Girl on the Train' which I can recommend. Couldn't put it down.

  3. July 29, 2016 / 2:51 am

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