Monthly Favourites: Beauty & Accessories

 I wanted to start sharing my monthly favourites with you all as some months I feel like i have some real best buys or pieces that really stand out.
I love to read these from others and it’s great to go off a recommendation.
Mine will most likely be a complete mix of things, make-up, beauty products or accessories, whatever has really taken my fancy for the past month

 1. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
I actually bought this about 6 months ago and didn’t get on with it at first. I usually opt for a medium-high coverage, matte finish foundation and the Bourjois Healthy mix is very glowy and a light to medium coverage. But my skin was looking a bit sad after a long old winter and so i thought i would try it again to see if it could take me from dull to dewy. The feel of the foundation on the skin is beautiful, for a high street product I have to say application is super, it blends really well and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft. The coverage is enough to even out my complexion and it gives a lovely healthy glow (as the name would suggest) Its lighter than my previous foundation so it feels perfect for Spring when i don’t want to feel caked in make-up. The only thing i would say is on my oily skin it doesn’t last all day, but then from a light coverage that’s to be expected. I would definitely recommend this if you’re in the market for a glowy lovely light summer foundation.

2. Maybelline Super Stay Setting Spray
Speaking of making make-up last, I bought the Maybelline setting spray on the recommendation of a family member and it definitely helps to finish the look and set make-up nicely. I’ve noticed my make-up stays intact for longer than usual when spritzed with this, and again through the sweaty summer months this will be a God send. My only negative would be the actual spray could be a bit finer, more of a mist would be better, as when you spray it does produce quite a lot of product, but held far enough away from the face (which is obvs recommended) then its fine enough and you learn to work with it.

3. Maybelline The Blushes Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
I bought the Maybelline products on a 3 for 2 deal at my local Superdrug, but this was a product I’d been eyeing up for a couple of weeks. I love a pinky eyeshadow so this palette looked pretty and very wearable, there aren’t any colours in it that i wouldn’t wear which was really appealing, i always hate it when there’s a couple of colours in a set that never get touched, normally the really bright green or blues, not for me thanks. But yes, this one is all round lovely. They also do it in the nudes colour-way which is equally appealing and again very wearable. Colour pay off of the eyeshadow is good with a little layering, they apply smoothly and evenly and the fallout when applying is minimal.
All round a nice set really.

4. Wunderbrow
As an eyebrow challenged lady (over-plucked like Madonna in the 90’s, but alas mine never did grow back) I am always on the look out for good eyebrow products. I have little hair on my brows so its really hard to get that natural brow look. I’ve tried gels, pencils, powders, crayons, you name it, i’ve tried it. So when i saw this advertised on facebook it looked appealing. I invested my £20 and thought it would be worth a punt. At first i wasn’t sure, when i applied it it looked too light, but it did dry down a shade darker thankfully. It felt a bit weird, crispy almost. BUT the longevity is amazing. I can sleep in the stuff, gently wash my face and my brows are still there. As i worked my way through the bottle i actually got better at applying and found less product was better. And as a testimonial statement of how good it is, i’ve just ordered another.

5. Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Pomegranate
i am normally an accents of red kinda gal, love a red nail , red bag , red lip, you name it. But lately i’ve been opting for a pop of pink. Delicious girly pink. Its nice for a change.
This nail polish and…

6. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip colour
this lipstick have been my new best friends. I actually bought this accidentally thinking it was a red, and was momentarily devastated when i opened it and found it was in-fact raspberry pink. But i just went with it, and actually now I really love it. The formula is matte so no shine, and the lasting power is really good as is the great colour pay off that you get with a matte lip colour. As a matte lipstick it isn’t as drying as some others i’ve worn, but sometimes by the end of the day i will feel like a nice a nice swipe of lip balm, not horrendously so, but just to add a bit of moisture back in.

7. Ghost Eclipse Eau de toilette
I have been wearing Ghost perfumes for years. My first perfume i ever bought with my first pay-pack was this Ghost perfume, every time i smell it I feel transported back to being 18 again. Marvellous memories. But for summer i love to switch to the Eclipse scent. Its orangey and fresh and summery, and really smells beautiful.. i highly recommend this if you like fresh floral fruity scents that aren’t sickly and with a hint of musk.

8. Coconut Bodyshop Range
Coconut is one of my most favourite scents. Probably because it evokes memories of sun, warmth and travel. But as soon as the dark winter months are over i love to switch to coconut, it really does perk me up. I love the Bodyshop range, the scent doesn’t smell artificial (if that makes sense?) and are always so gentle on the skin.

9. Onyx and Tassel Necklace
I’ve been obsessed with the necklace, its goes with everything! Simple tee, a dress, well you name it and it goes with it.

10. H Butler Leopard Print Powerbank Bag
Again another obsession, the fact that this bag is pretty AND practical just makes it perfect in my eyes. The powerbank for charging my phone is just a life saver and of course, leopard print, need i say more.

Do you have any recommendations this month? 

I’d love to know any thing you recommend, i love to try new products!


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    Some really nice picks here! Lovely to see what you've enjoyed. This month I have really enjoyed the Fortune Favours the Brave palette from Make Up Revolution, it's so lovely.

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