Fluid Capsule Wardrobe Idea and Changes for Me

I mentioned back on my first Capsule catch-up that i may allow myself a few changes half way through if it was required, because the UK is a difficult place to dress for. One day its single digit temperatures, sleeting even, the next week it looks like summer’s on it’s way.
Bi-polar British weather is a bitch. There’s just no predicting it.
I erred on the side of caution (ie cold weather) when it came to my first Spring capsule, which has worked well for me so far as its been baltic, but this week and next, well there does appear to be some sort of freakish temperature increase.
I mentioned yesterday that whilst studying the form of all things #CapsuleWardrobe i came across the ever useful and lovely blog Tartan Brunette.
What is great is that Jen is British ( she lives in Scotland) capsule wardrobe blogger and she has encountered the same issues as me:
Spring weather and dressing for it from a small(er) selection of clothes is difficult.
I could totally relate.
So with that in mind she presents The Fluid Capsule idea, where you have 5 items that can be brought in or taken out as required, warm weather or cold weather, you’re basically covered.
Perfect solution for the UK and anywhere else that has an unpredictable climate a la Britain.
Now I’m not going all out crazy with my switches here and actually shall be swapping some out as opposed to just bring them in, meaning my number (45) is still the figure I’m working with, and that also means I’m not just adding in pieces which could cause me to blatantly end up where i was last time: with a whole shed load of clothes that i hardly wear.
That’s not the aim here.
So by removing the pieces that aren’t working for me (and with valid reasons below) I am making my capsule more efficient.

Also this is still a huge learning curve for me, so a few alterations were bound to happen (lol!)

The 4 pieces I am removing are:

1x Khaki Jumpsuit
1x Black Pleated skirt
1x Cricket Jumper
1x Adidas Gazelles

Being replaced with

1x Denim Culottes  (Options: Love these from madewell and the Etienne Marcel too, the cuff is gorgeous!)
1x Black sandal (Option: The tassels on the Loeffler Randall ones are divine!)
1x Black Skirt
1x Yellow Light weight jumper (This Clue sweater in yellow is perfect)

I am happy to be adding a couple more bottom half options as that is the one thing I’m slightly struggling with.
I previously mentioned that the skirt I had included is just too small and uncomfy and therefore uber unflattering, which I have to say was one of the worst pieces in my capsule.
After giving a skirt option some more thought, instead of the knee-jerk reaction like with the pleated skirt I originally included, i knew a denim skirt would be more my bag as it’s just what I am comfortable in.
I’ve gone for this asos black denim skirt and i couldn’t be happier with it.

Secondly, I’m going to take out my Navy Adidas gazelles and replace with my old but comfy black lace-up sandals… just in-case i fancy getting the toes out that is. These are super similar to mine which I bought last year

Next I’m going to take out my Khaki Jumpsuit as STUPIDLY i didn’t try it on before including it in my capsule. Which for most people I’m sure would be fine. But me? No. I’ve  gained half a stone since I last wore it(sob) and when I tried it on for the first time the other day it almost cut me in half. I couldn’t lunge or even move for that matter, everywhere was just tight. I would like to say maybe I shrank it on a hot wash, but alas I fear it may be the winter weight… its a sad state of affairs when last summers jumpsuit no longer fits and a rather rude wake up call (been walking miles each day and started My Fitness Pal App, but still… the shame!) So bye bye for now jumpsuit, hello, new culottes. Culottes just seem to be the perfect cut for this time of year.

And lastly, something I also threw in as a knee jerk reaction, my cricket jumper. I don’t even like it (Ebay here it comes) So a nice pop of yellow is replacing it with an old Hush fine knit sweater, which will really add a fresh pop of colour for the following weeks.

I’m super happy with the update and glad to say that I can already see many of the pieces that are in my Spring capsule being carried forward in to the Summer capsule… and yes I’m already pondering the Summer Capsule, nothing too drastic, but some definite improvements.
So far spring has been an excellent learning curve, and with these additions I’m sure I will continue to love dressing each day.

So what do you think of The Fluid Capsule idea?
I think its a great way to adapt to your climate and not feel restricted, but yet still sticking to the main principle of less is more.
I know all my clothes in my capsule are being worn and loved, so far this has really made a very happy impact on me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. May 5, 2016 / 11:51 am

    I started a seasonal capsule wardrobe at the beginning of the year. I had the same issues as you when selecting items for spring, so I only picked 27 of my 37 items. I've now just about decided on my final line up and am pondering taking shoes out of the equation and just allowing myself to wear any shoes I please.
    It's been fun to do, and I find I wear more of my clothes because I'm more aware of what I have – items aren't getting lost on over stuffed wardrobe rails.
    I like the idea of a fluid capsule, I might try this for summer (yep, already thinking about that too).

  2. May 5, 2016 / 7:46 pm

    Love the yellow jumper, it's gorgeous!! I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to have a capsule wardrobe, but looking at your outfits does tempt me. The fluid capsule is definitely more appealing. Jane X


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