Since embarking on my less is more approach with the #RtHCapsuleWardrobe and absolutely loving its simplicity and spending less, I have made a concious effort in other areas.
Other areas such as undergarments.
In my twenties I lived in miss-matched Primark £1 special pants, which lets me honest after a couple of washes are diabolical.
My new streamlined wardrobe of quality pieces is a delight to open each morning.
My underwear drawer however left much to be desired.
I was recently informed that a new brand to the UK had come to Selfridges.
Silent Assembly is an acclaimed brand for comfort and style due to their pioneering alternative to metal under-wires.
The innovative 3D rib contour means that these bra’s are the most comfort your boobs could feel.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that uncomfortable feeling of the under-wire sticking in my boobs/ribs/chestplate.
As a *ahem* small chested person (read: fried eggs) under-wires often sit awkwardly on me.
When I first wore the Silent Assembly bra it was honestly like clouds floating gently but supportively around my breasticles.
Normally by the end of the day I am happy to discard of the boob-holder, but the Silent Assembly was so comfy, I actually forgot i had it on. When wearing it I’m not longer desperate for the end of the day to take it off, which is remarkable for a a bra hater and serial discarder.
Soft, supportive and what feels like an actual woman’s shape,
Prices start at £19.00 and if you’re looking for an update for your undies, look no further, I honestly can’t recommend it enough.


  1. April 18, 2016 / 4:34 pm

    How utterly stunning are these pieces-so romantic and feminine. I need to check out this brand immediately! You did make me laugh with the breasticles-you have fab bosoms lady! Bet the husband was delighted with this review xx

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