#RtHCapsuleWardrobe Daily Outfits so far…

I wanted to do a first impressions of the whole capsule wardrobe thing now that we’re already 20 days in(20.. man that has gone fast!!) 

It’s going to be a honest post of what I’ve liked and disliked and if there’s anything I’d change going forward.

So, Capsule Wardrobe

The Good

I am LOVING it.

I never, ever, ever thought i’d be the person saying that, honestly, I am the person who struggles to pack for a holiday as I hate restricting my possibilities and also like having a grand choice to choose from.

But, having a carefully curated selection makes this process so much easier.

Everyday I wake up, check the weather forecast, go to my vastly downsized wardrobe and decide within a few minutes what I would like to wear.

This is unheard of for the compulsive over-thinker that I am.

It has changed my morning, and I know that sounds dramatic, but for a person who would stare longing into her wardrobe each morning then bemoan “I have nothing to wear” each day, this is a vast improvement on my quality of life (ok, extreme much?!)

So yes, to say i am enjoying it would be an understatement.

No my outfits aren’t ground-breaking, but then I am happy, so I think that needs to be what i go with right now. Happy, uncomplicated outfits.

Another plus point is less laundry, like loads less. When I had my hundreds to choose from, i would often shove something in the laundry basket and choose something else, this would end up with lots and lots of washing for muggins here to do. not to mention the ironing and then putting away of said clothes.

There is no longer piles of clothes everywhere in my house, It’s much easier to keep control of my clothes and that is truly satisfying. if something is clean at the end of the day i hang it back up and don’t chuck it on a pile, as a renowned messy person this is major steps forward on the whole tidy-grown-up front. 

My capsule is 45 pieces (see it in full here) and as it was my first I was definitely cautious of giving things up and scared of limiting myself, but having started i can now see the pieces i don’t wear that much and the ones i do, I think I could get the number down closer to 38 next time.

Last noteworthy good point: I have spent so much less. We are finishing up the month having saved money, which i would normally have spent. This is definitely a good drive for me, and the husband is happy too!

The Bad

Not much bad to report really, I’m that happy with it. But if I were to be picky I think I would mention that Spring in the Uk is a hard time to do this, we’re barely hitting double figures temperature wise and that can be frustrating as I don’t have a lot of jumpers in my capsule, but it is making me get a little creative, and having put an extensive amount of jackets in to my capsule, i can at least have variation there.

I didn’t include a hooded coat, and so far I haven’t used one, but if needs must I will grab my parker which I keep in the car as a just in-case and dog walks.

The other noteworthy bad point is wear and tear.

Obviously I am wearing my clothes a lot more than previously. With 3 main pairs of jeans (skinny ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans and black jeans) being on constant rotation they are getting a battering on the wear and tear front. 

Its worth noting here none of the jeans were bought new for the capsule and had been worn many times prior, so wear and tear hasn’t totally been in the past 20 days, but i guess its just more noticeable now as I’m wearing them much more often.

My ripped skinny jeans are looking a little worse for wear on the rippage front, a bit scraggly and the rips are getting a bit out of control.

The black jeans have a hole where there isn’t supposed to be a hole, which we’ll just call “distressing”.

Lastly, I wish i had included a couple more pops of colour. Particularly a little bit of yellow and some more pattern possibly.

 The Changes

If I were to make any changes going forward, there are definitely pieces I would exchange.
Its also worth noting that i did change my trench coat within the first week as i actually had a split in the lining of my other, and i knew from the beginning it was something i would need. I bought a new one with a credit note I had and am super happy with my purchase.

Also it’s a good idea to buy good quality denim that you know will last you well. if denim is intergral to your being, like it is for me, then perhaps shelling out a little more on better quality could benefit the capsule.

I included a pleated skirt that I bought for less than a tenner in the sales, but really, I don’t like it. I put it in as it seemed like a good idea and I had seen similar in other peoples capsules, but if i’m being honest with myself, it doesn’t look right on me and doesn’t fit well either. I will donate it to a friend or charity shop, but I would definitely like to replace it with a different skirt that is more me, and would open up more remixing options with the rest of the capsule.
I’m thinking about doing a limited exchange half way through (1st may) if the weather requires as Spring is so tricky.The exchange will be maybe 3 item switches and I’m thinking that could be a pair of sandals that i already own, and maybe a skirt option.
Who knows I may go until June 1st without a single switch as I am definitely happy overall with the capsule. But I’m going to leave the option on the table as feeling constrained isn’t a happy experience and i want this to be something i continue with.

I think its safe to say that so far this is something I am super happy I am doing, I shall keep you posted in May on any other outfits and findings.

Just to note I am doing 1st April-1st June as a Meteorological season makes more sense in regards to clothes for me season wise. My summer season will change over on June 1st.

Thanks so much for following along, if you have any questions do drop me a comment below or ask me on twitter or IG!


  1. April 19, 2016 / 10:54 am

    Very interesting and inspirational. I have everyday clothes and then many going out clothes. They are different so I kinda have two capsules:-)

  2. April 19, 2016 / 11:53 am

    I think the idea of putting an exchange clause into your capsule wardrobe is a good one. I mean anyone who has done this for years knows that they have to make certain updates due to wear and tear / trend changes / don't like items and as long as you do the proper exchange ie. the old item comes out, you're not cheating! It will also give you something to look forward to and I bet consequently you'll make solid, wise investment buys. Good on ya Rachel x

  3. April 20, 2016 / 10:57 am

    It will be interesting to see if you choose to wear any of these items again in a hurry after 1st June.

  4. April 20, 2016 / 12:35 pm

    I've been seeing a lot of bloggers lately create capsule collections and I find it's such a good idea. Especially for travelling as I can see how it can be overwhelming to pack. For me, I try to stick to one colour palette and style to minimize as I hate to overpack or haul too much with me probably because with 3 kids, it's not practical given I have all their luggage too. Would love if you can link up to http://the-wardrobe-stylist.com/2016/04/17/diy-brazilian-hair-extensions/

  5. April 20, 2016 / 10:33 pm

    I am so impressed at how well you've done! I absolutely cannot do this – but I'm very proud of you for doing so well!

  6. April 22, 2016 / 3:14 pm

    Rachael, it sounds like you are doing very well. The idea of it is appealing to where you have an easier time choosing what to wear, wearing classics etc. Love the looks you have put together . I am in love with that red moto jacket!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx

  7. April 24, 2016 / 2:52 am

    I love all the different outfit combos!

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