The Hunt for the Perfect Red Dress

For years I have had a vision in my mind, the setting is sunny, the breeze warm, I am wearing big shades and the most amazing red dress. Whimsical yes, because the stark contrast of real life is that I’m usually toting around a bag full of crap and trying not to loose 3 children and a dog that runs circles round me (literally). 

But in my head, chic, classy and head turning (the dress that is).

There’s something so enchanting about a red dress. The vast array of shades of red means there is a red dress for all; blonde, brunette or red head, it’s worth finding one that works for you as it really will be worth its weight in (red)gold.

So here was my first stop trying on the one that caught my eye. It skimmed, it was light, it was lovely. I didn’t buy it however, i wanted to see what else was out there on the red dress front. So I went fourth and started to see what else was on the market, obviously we have day dresses, gorgeous Party Dresses and so fourth, but I am shopping with a very open mind.

Belted Dress

This is the one I tried on, there is something a little vintage esque about it, maybe it’s because I have just had a massive Mad Men marathon (Umm where have I been, that show is freakin’ amazing!), and now I have a huge Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) girl crush and this dress totally reminds me of the one she wears.

Cross Back Dress

Beautiful summer dress, midi cut, flared skirt, and cross straps.. I die.

Drop shoulder D-ring belted Dress

This is the red dress that caught my eye originally, but wasn’t in store. As much as I love the cross strap back dresses, I just feel cost per wear (which we all know I live to get my monies worth) I could potentially wear this one a lot more. I’m thinking easy tan sandals come summer, then in winter with a turtle neck underneath, black tights and black knee high boots, finished off with a biker jacket possibly.. But options and potential are definitely greater with this one.

Shopbop offerings next

On the left we have a brand Black Halo (cool name isn’t it?!) and it’s the Klara Dress, they actually have quite a few nice red dresses too. 

Then on the right Jill Jill Stuart Cocktail Dress with a gorgeous sweetheart neckline. That’s a knock out dress. If I had a wedding to attend, that may well have been the dress I would choose. So so pretty

A little bit of Asos next

Love both of these cuts.
We have a Kimono Style Dress from Closet on the left, which is certainly a cut that isn’t disappearing any time soon, plus a style that can be uber flattering for creating that hourglass shape beautifully.
On the right Paisie offer the tie waist detail that is popping up everywhere still. I really, really like this option, its a little bit different, plus the waist detailing can be amazing at hiding a food baby 😉

A beauty from Great Plains

Love this for a summer dress. Perfect with flat sandals or ballet pumps for day, then wedges or even some black fierce heels and a black clutch to add in an edgy option.

Finishing with Whistles

Cross Back Dress

This looks a bit clingy for my personal taste, sucking it in all day long is just something I’m too lazy to do. Usually Whistles fabric is very flattering, so depending on the fit, it could have potential. Cross back again which must be very in this summer. Still a lovely shade and style with the fit and flare.

So there are my top picks for red dresses right now, I have to say I am smitten with the Warehouse and both Asos dresses. This spring it is definitely something I shall conquer!

Do you own the perfect red dress? If not would you consider one?


  1. March 10, 2016 / 9:50 am

    I'm always on the look out for the perfect red dress, but I haven't found it yet! On the other hand, I did buy the perfect red shoes recently 😉
    Suzy x

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