Spring Wardrobe Update

Well, it’s literally just started sleeting outside as I type this. Spring where the heck are you? I got woken up by a crazy storm last night and then attacked my golf-ball sized hail stones on the school run.
Spring has not sprung here I can tell you that.
But I for one am done with winter, come the end of February I am ready to shed the thermals and start looking towards lighter layers, weather permitting or not, sometimes you just gotta do what you want. Granted no bare legs just yet, but adapting some Spring pieces and adding them in now sounds like a plan to wet the spring-wear appetite.
So transitional pieces it is then.
I’m kind of in love with all the pieces I’ve chosen below for the simple fact of wear-ability.
If I were to finally take the plunge and commit to a capsule wardrobe (and I am so so tempted, but i keep nancying out like a big scaredy cat) this would be a large portion of the capsule.
Style is most definitely simplifying for me, but I am actually the happiest I’ve been in years.
Simple to me means great pieces, just less of them.

(side note: Hells bells, I thought my house was just going to blow away.. A huge gust and those blasted golf ball size hail stones attacking my window.. evil, evil weather!!)

With Shopbop’s Super Spring Sale now seems as good a time as any to treat myself to some much yearned after spring wear.
Spring wardrobe


The throw-on Khaki Jacket ,
Beautifully cut Ankle Grazer Jeans(Loving the brand Frame),
The Wear everywhere Dress,
The perfect Kahki chino’s,
The obligatory stripe top,
Dress up or down black skirt,
and the handy slogan swetashirt


Bright red pumps for fun kicks,

Sandals in-case it gets warm enough

And a block heel for smart-casual


Keeping it simple with a much lusted after, rather trendy Backpack

and a classic leopard print clutch for a smarter look.

I love , love ,love all these pieces. The reason they’re all from Shopbop (apart from that I love that store, I swear their deliveries from America arrive faster than some of my British orders, it never fails to happily surprise me when the UPS man knocks my door a mere 2 days after ordering, its like magic!), is because their sale works on the more you spend the more you save. Plus with a good pound to dollar rate, it can be save save 😉

Spring Sale details here

Is there anything you like up there for Spring? And have you started your Spring shopping yet?


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