Shirt Dress and Biker Jacket

 Oh I do love a good shirt dress, in fact it seems to be all I’ll wear of late.
I think it’s the comfort they bring and the non necessity to suck it all in, as at the moment I can’t bear the thought of anything clingy.. it could be to do with the winter pounds I just can’t seem to shed, or that in my 30’s I am opting for comfort more than ever.
Working from home and being a mum means most of my clothes these days need to be comfortable and practical. But that doesn’t mean staying in my pj’s all day, nope I still love getting dressed each day but am orbiting the more relaxed vibes. Shirt dresses like this one and the one from Fridays post are exactly what I’m after.
This Madewell dress is brilliant for transitioning nicely in to spring and summer.
Its still single digits temperature wise at the moment so paired with a layer underneath, and thick tights and boots and its totally wearable now. And then when the temperatures rise it will be awesome for easy sunny days with some gladiator sandals and a denim jacket.

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been banging on and on (and on and on and on) about buying pieces that transition seasons well and also things that work well remixed.
Well I have been curating a bit of a capsule wardrobe.. and I am very close to having approx 36 items that I would happily live in for the season.
I’m excited to try this, and also a little bit scared.. the thought of giving up the rest of my wardrobe and the variety is scary!! But I’ve found that week after week I’ve been reaching for the same items anyway, plus with a fixed palette or neutrals with the odd side of colour, they are easily worn in different ways.
It’s just something I’m seriously considering at the moment. I guess one of the things that makes me super apprehensive is the weather. The weather here in the UK is so temperamental that having a varied wardrobe is kinda vital. It can be torrential rain one moment, then a blazing heatwave the next, especially through April and May, our Spring months. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, just harder. Plus if a heatwave hit then swapping some sandals in to the mix is acceptable I’m sure.
So yes, capsule wardrobe, 36 items.. Am I ready? Argghhh I don’t know. I shall keep you posted.

Have you ever considered a Capsule Wardrobe for a season?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Biker Jacket: Mango
Madewell Dress: Shopbop
Fossil Bag & Watch
F&F boots



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