Seven On Sunday 0.16

Why helloooo, and happy Sunday to you. I hope you’ve had a supper lovely week. February is definitely proving to be a better month than January was, thank God, but we’re only 7 days in, can only get better right; trying that thing…what’s it called again… Oh yeh positivity.
It seemed to skip merrily past me in January, but I’ve caught the skippy little bugger now and giving it a test run.
So far I highly recommend it.
Screw you negativity, you’re not welcome here this month!

This week was rather busy and rather fun, I held my first Yosa stall and got to meet and chat to some fabulous ladies. I undid the ball and chain aka my laptop and desk, and set myself loose on the world. It went really well, and it was so nice being out and meeting fabulous ladies. I provided the sparkly shiny goodies, they provided me with inspiration and great feedback. Definitely something i will be doing again I hope.

How has your week been? Good I hope. (Do share, we’re all friends here, I honestly love hearing about you and your week)
And so, here we stand at the beginning of a new week… Here’s to a good one!

Things I’ve been loving this week are:

0.1 I can’t pull off plaid/checked items at all. But this dress SO makes me want to try.. and God loves a trier right?

0.2 Love a bit of chick-lit fluffy reading, I do.. its my guilty pleasure, its how I like to unwind. I have just finished a few of Lindsey Kelk’s books and now starting a Single Girls To-Do List. I just absolutely love how she writes. I feel like its just how my mind works, profanities included. Its refreshing and modern, especially in contrast to my other guilty pleasure of Downton Abbey, which I’m currently re-watching from series 1.. another guilty pleasure. Its all the pomp and ceremony and overstated formalities that are fascinating to me. My husband hates it, haha.

0.3 Anyone else dreaming of Spring? It seems as soon as we get to the tail end of January i start dreaming of blazers, slip on shoes (as opposed to sock clad feet in boots) and simple outfits of tshirts and jeans. I’m kinda thinking of style for Spring and so far I’m thinking preppy. I want blazers, oxford style shirts, comfy jeans and loafers. These would do nicely t start on my preppy quest.

0.4 Speaking of blazers, i saw this in my local store and tried it on, it’s divine!!! Much nicer than the styling online suggests. Unfortunately they only had sizes 12 through to 18 in store. I am now fully prepared to press purchase as I have actually had sweet dreams about its loveliness.

0.5 Off to see Goosebumps today (for free thanks to my Clubcard vouchers, Thank you Tesco!) with the kids which I’m really looking forward to, love a bit of Jack Black i do, and then I’m *Hoping* with a capital H, that me and the husband can somehow manage a date day/night next week and see Deadpool (without the kids of course, that is not family content ). Have you seen any good films lately?

0.6 Speaking of Tesco or F&F rather, I saw this striped number in store and it is much, much nicer in the flesh. Lovely and fresh for spring, totally on trend right now, and for a teeny tiny price tag.

0.7 Made Slimming World vegetarian rmoussaka and it was delish! Husband polished off the whole pan and its being made again this week.. Another recipe to add to my rotation.

Have a wonderful week my lovelies!XX


  1. February 7, 2016 / 4:32 pm

    Loving the stripy top and I shall most defiantly be trying out the moussaka recipe this week as I have just joined slimmers world X x

  2. February 9, 2016 / 9:37 am

    That's great that the Yoga brand is growing! It's good to break free from the ball and chain now and then huh? I'm always trying to learn more about this blogging malarkey, so I have to force myself away now and then
    Laurie x

  3. February 29, 2016 / 9:11 am
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