Family Fun (& A very honest weekend outfit!)

Life isn’t all glamour as a style blogger. Now you will all probably know me well enough to know I am not always dolled up to the nines ready for a jaunt with cocktails and swishy dresses and sky scrapper heels. As nice as that all sounds, its just not my life. And I am good with that. 

And yes, I am wearing Uggs on my Style blog.. controversial I know 😉

But as soon as the clouds part and the rain stops we make every effort to head outdoors and get some fresh air. We all wrap up, including the dog, and the kids grab their scooters. 

Those kids LOVE to scoot, we have had multiple scooters for them over the years as its the one thing they dearly love, and trust me ask them to walk and they will moan every step, bring their scooters and suddenly you have smiling happy, racing children. 

Gimme the scooters every-time!

We most recently got some from Skatehut which is like a magical emporium of every young persons dreams. My step son is desperate for some Heely’s, which I have to admit look pretty darn cool.. I mean shoes- with wheels.. why walk when you can glide! Ha!

As a parent if your kids are happy you are happy.. so in my books, scooter rock.

But when it comes to weekend practical wears I am all about the comfort and the warmth. 

I recently received the most amazing Down Jacket from Trespass that is a whole new level of warmth for me.

With walking the dog all seasons its absolutely imperative to have a good coat. 

Not high on the fashion catwalk stakes no, but warm, cosy and toasty.

When choosing my coat I knew it had to have a hood for those pesky downpours, have multiple pockets for my bits (read-doggy poo bags, yes yuck but the struggle is real folks) and also most importantly be warm enough.

The Tresspass Down Jacket is perfection. I went for classic black knowing it would go with everything and I would never bore of it, they do also have a lovely colour called vine- like a khaki colour, which I’m also rather partial to.

I also love that this coat has zips from both ends, so even though its quite long (which again is my complete preference.. who wants a cold bum, right?) when I get my power walk on I can unzip it slightly from the bottom zip to give me legs full range to stride.

I’ve tested this jacket through rain, frost and gale force winds these past few weeks and I now can’t imagine not having it.

Sometimes comfort trumps everything else! Plus I kinda love dressed down Saturdays, don’t you?

Outfit Details:
Trespass Womens Down Jacket*
Madewell Bag
Black High Waisted Super Skinny Jeans
Stripe Roll Neck Top

What do you wear on weekends? 

Do you put comfort before style ever?


  1. February 1, 2016 / 6:20 pm

    You still look gorgeous even whilst dressed down. I am the same as you on a weekend, I like comfort. For me comfort is thick tights (fleecy lined in the cold weather), a nice dress layered with a cardigan, thick coat, hat, scarf, gloves and flat leather knee length boots. I wish I could do jeans but they don't suit me and I am not that comfortable in them. xx

  2. February 1, 2016 / 7:25 pm

    you look lovely, even if this isn't the most glamorous of your outfits! comfort should always be an important factor when dressing up, i think:-) also, i'm really liking your hair, it suits you so well! xx

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