The start of my shopping budget

So leading on from my resolutions chat on Monday i am making some changes to my shopping habits.
Usually at this time of year i commence on the long old journey of 100 days no spend (read year 1 and 2 here): a self induced shopping ban.
Last year, as much as I made it through, it made me miserable. And quite frankly i don’t feel like being miserable this year.
But that doesn’t mean i can shop my heart out. We have big saving plans and house plans and well general life plans that need funds and with a shopping habbit worse than a crack addict (slight exaggeration) i know i need to curb it somewhat.
So with that in mind i am giving myself a monthly allowance. Pocket money if you will, to spend as i please.
£50.00 is my allotted amount per month to do whatever shopping i require.
Basically i don’t have the need for anything clothing wise, Lord knows i have plenty, so its pretty much to appease my insatiable shopping appetite.
Now £50 these days does not go far, so it will be up to me each month to decide whether i spend it or save it for a bigger investment piece.
I couldn’t have picked a harder time to start, as with the Hush sale just officially starting , i want to order a bajillion things!!
But i’m not (see, its already working, check me out budgeting and sticking to it, pah).
I’m going to start making a wish list of things i want from one month to the next. Then if i tick things off the list, great!
Some things will hopefully just pass me by, the world won’t spin of its axis and life continues (a great lesson to learn when i desperately NEED that new dress in my life)
I will need to save a couple of months worth if i want to get things that are £50+ or decide to spend it on smaller purchases to get my ‘fix’each month.
What i’m aiming for is the former.
I want to avoid the fast fashion, grab and go pieces that get so quickly relegated to back of the wardrobe league or worse the charity shop.

I already have about 6 things i want, like really want. But i will have to decide what’s most important.. eek..!
Not gunna lie, this is going to be tough, but i do like a challenge!
Side note, if lovely companies would like to send me pieces (this would be most welcome.. please send me allthestuff!) i won’t include it in my budget.

So this month i am currently craving…

January wants

So what do we have here?

Well nothing too outrageous, in fact i would deem most of these as essentials wouldn’t you (you see that justification right there?!) But more than £50 none the less(darn it).

The Perfect Black Jeans

The ones above are the M.i.h Jeans in Black Paris Crop. I love an ankle grazer, the fit on these looks sublime and have had me lusting after them for months. Over budget, but worth the saving as investment jeans will surely last me years and become an essential.

Gorgeous Tan Bag

Madewell is a brand i discovered late last year. When i say discovered i mean took the plunge and bought, I’d already heard so many great things from US bloggers, but they were right. Their casual pieces are spot on. This is the Mini Glasgow satchel and it makes me think i have found tan bag perfection right there.

Monochrome Chevron jumper
And so my monochromatic love grows. I said in my resolutions i would be shopping for a specific colour palette and so far (she says 6 days in), its going well.
I lack jumpers that you can just chuck on of a morning with some jeans and sneakers. I’m fussy when it comes to knitwear so this one tickles my fancy, and comes within my budget.

Navy Adidas Gazelles 
Want.want.want. And so the unlikely sneakers affair continues..After purchasing my first pair of sneakers/trainers since the age of 16, this autumn i am now a complete convert. Yes i am late to the party, but i’m here now and apparently one pair isn’t. Gazelles are my shape preference (as opposed to the stan smiths.. which i like, but prefer the almond toe on these) and seeing as i have a lovely black pair of NB’s, navy is my new colour preference.. and then some white for summer.
If you sign up to Zalando you get a £10 discount making these the cheapest i’ve seen, and trust me i’ve tried everywhere!

The Best Black Coat
Man oh man.. the perfect black coat is so darn hard to find! Over the Christmas period i spent more time than i care to admit looking for the perfect black coat. You see i know exactly what i want.. its just either
a. not actually out there or b. Way way way out of my budget.
But House Of Fraser had the best offerings and one of the best i had found was the Oasis Katy Black car Coat (above). I have a quite a few stipulations for my black coat, but i think i’ll save that for a specific black coat post (riveting i know, you’re on the edge of you’re seat aren’t you).

A little Whistles Dress
Because quite frankly they are always such a good investment. I know i would get a lot of wear out of it and enjoy wearing it, which is important.

Navy Blouse
Back to basics with this and the white tee, but how great would they look with the Gazelles? And i just can’t get enough of black and navy together at the moment (currently wearing just that in fact)

White Tshirt 
With a biker jacket and…

A little Skinny Black Scarf
Would look brilliant. Slight rock chic/boho, yet a put together look with just a few basic items.

So i’m now weeping at my desk at all these marvellous pieces.
Do i save for one or spend my budget this month on the Jumper and the scarf?

Have you ever worked to a monthly budget? How did you get on?



  1. January 6, 2016 / 9:00 pm

    Save for the Whistles dress! I've just bought it & love it! I sized down to a 6 – I'm normally a 10 in the fitted Whistles dresses 🙂

  2. January 7, 2016 / 10:04 am

    I'm with you Rachel – I am going to try and limit how much I spend on clothes for a wee while too. Not sure how successful I'll be but reading great blogs like yours which show me lots of gorgeous clothes doesn't make it any easier! But I can't give up reading blogs and buying clothes – that would be a step too far!! Lx

  3. January 8, 2016 / 1:39 am

    I want to have them. And thanks for your share .

  4. January 11, 2016 / 6:31 pm

    This is something I really need to try and do, savings are so important! I love that Whistles dress though, they have some gorgeous stuff!

    Maria xxx

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