Seven on Sunday 0.14

This week saw me sat at my desk busily working away for the majority. I’ve enjoyed it actually and got lots done which always feels rather rewarding. 

Here’s to another productive week..

0.1 I mentioned last week that I am looking at some investment jeans, some that will stay with me and I will love for a long time to come. A lovely reader suggested Paige Denim, which lead me to Trilogy who have the most amazing designer selection… I’m currently sat perusing  the styles and trying to devise a plan of attack on my jeans of prey;)

0.2 Slogans, slogans, slogans.. I love a good message on a sweater. I was after a navy sweater for everyday-wear and got to looking at these gorgeous ones, I’ve gone for the Oui sweater(page 2) bought with a rather delightful voucher. Shall keep you posted on how nice it is.

0.3 Another jumper/sweater I’m obsessed with is this one.. I literally visit it online everyday. Its been so cold lately here in Wales that I think I’ve noticed a gap in my wardrobe of lovely thick knitwear. It would be lovely with my navy peacoat and some relaxed jeans i reckon.

0.4 I’ve been obsessed with finding a gorgeous pair of Leopard print loafer style shoes after falling in love with these Penelope Loafers ( alas they don’t ship these particular shoes to the UK, boohooohooo 🙁 If you’re in the US i implore, someone buy them.. they are simply divine, and then tell me how amazing they are!) So yes, looking for an alternative. This is the closest, nicest I could find.. quite nice right?

0.5 Catherine’s brilliantly written post on change

0.6 I linked to it in  my home decor post this week, but i honestly can’t get this sofa outta my mind. Its not very often you find a nice sofa that can fit lots of bums on, which is vital with this family! Plus stain guard.. need i say more.

0.7 I’m on the hunt for a new mascara, i love my lancome but am thinking of trying this new one.. Or do you have any great mascara revelations? Do share! I like thickening and length and always lots of volume!

What have you loved this week?



  1. January 17, 2016 / 6:30 pm

    I have been trying not to love any clothes this week, vacation coming up, but I have actually been loving time to browse other blogs and catch up

  2. January 19, 2016 / 11:41 am

    So glad to be one of your 7 picks, Rachel – thank you! You've now go me lusting after that asos sweater as well as that sofa… HOW comfy does it look?!!

    Catherine x

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