Seven On Sunday 0.13

First SOS of 2016! I’ve actually been doing way too much internet window shopping this past week…Ma bad, BUT haven’t been buying everything, well almost not everything, plus i made a list of what i am totally and utterly crushing on this week in my budget post.

So as always, here is what i’ve been loving from around the web this past week

0.1 I caved, i bought them.. i am now the proud owner of a pair and i freakin’ love them. This is my second pair of sneakers/trainers since my days as a teen and i am fully embracing the cool, casual comfort they bring to an outfit.

0.2 This is the most gorgeous coatigan.. it arrived yesterday after i purchased it this week with a voucher and its gorgeous. I got the Small but i think i should have gotten the medium for the slouchier, more cuddly look. But that aside, its divine!

0.3 Jeans, jeans, wonderful jeans. I am on a quest to replace some of my old and shabby with great new investment pieces. I’ve never owned any of these, but my husband swears by Levi’s and has worn them for years. Do you own any Levi’s? Would you recommend?

0.4 Strings at the ready, i reckon i could do an awesome air guitar (or would it be jumper guitar?) with this funky little number (would also look great with my Gazelle’s)

0.5 A new webshop discovery for me this week, Paulie who stock some amazing knitwear. If beautiful cashmere is what you’re after.. look here. I’m extremely smitten with The Contrast Cashmere Jumper  and The Statement Diamond Jumper.. love them both, and with the cold snap coming i think they would be prove to be very useful indeed!

0.6 Speaking of Cold Snap, i’m still trying to decide which winter boots to go for. I’m not talking stylish boots here, i’m talking dog walking, potential snow wearing, rainy weather wearing boots. I’ve ruined two pairs of Ugg boots in my rainy day dog walks so its about time i invest.
Its between The Sorels and The Sperry’s, question is which ones do i go for? The Sperry’s are cheaper, but the Sorels, i feel, have a nicer selection with higher leg versions available (which is beneficial, when you’ve had mud marks up the back of your skinny jeans from puddles)
Any thoughts? Do you own either to recommend?

0.7 Being from a travel background i know the trends, and the key to booking a holiday is get it early. This time of year are some great savings and i have to admit its got me thinking about what we will be doing this summer. Do we return to our favourite spot  that we have been to twice before and can highly recommend? Or try something different? I’m not going to settle until i book something, i know what i’m like. Would love a break with just Salvatore and I this year at some point too… here’s to wining the lotto maybe? 😉

I wish you a lovely second week of January, i hope it goes easy on you. and don;t forget to let me know what you’ve also been loving this week!


  1. January 10, 2016 / 4:53 pm

    Oooooh I love your Adidas trainers!!! Actually I'd love to ask your advice as a previous travel agent-we want to book return flights to Cape Town for next Christmas- when would be the best time to get the cheapest flights and what might be the best way to do it- we're teachers so we need to go on about the 23rd and come back by the 2nd Jan but we can't get return flights yet!x

    • January 11, 2016 / 10:48 am

      Hello lovely, right, flights come out 11 months in advance for scheduled airlines. This means yours will start to become available 11 months before your return date, so we're looking around 2nd feb this year, give or take a week for loading prices on etc. Now price wise you are looking at the cheapest fares possibly when they are first released. There are usually Pre sale seats with the likes of BA and those will be the cheapest seats on that flight. Each plane is filled by different prices breaks. The cheapest is always when they are first released, from then after each allocated amount is filled and the months tick on, the seats will go up and up in price, hence why you don't get bargain scheduled flights any more. The closer the date of departure the more expensive they are. So i would say hang tight until feb and start enquiring then. There are also different types of seat prices for if you pay just a deposit and the balance 12 weeks before, or if you can pay the whole amount in one go, the latter being the cheapest out of the two options, so if you are seeing a travel advisor be sure to ask which is available as it is often less if you're paying in full on some airlines. I hope this helps sweetie.
      Good luck!XX

    • January 11, 2016 / 10:50 am

      I've heard great things about Paige denim.. maybe its time i saved my pennies to put towards a pair. And you say the Hoxtons and Verdugos? (off to go look at those straight away lol!. Can you believe this time last year we were commencing our 100 day shopping ban?! XX

  2. January 10, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    I love a good coatigan – very nice (and great price!). Also, I am in love with good quality cashmere pieces as I get older, I checked out that link thanks. I love this one.. it would be the ultimate in luxury loungewear. I have bookmarked that as I may come back to it…

    I really like these boots for casual and functional walking wear let us know which ones you buy 🙂 x

    • January 11, 2016 / 10:53 am

      Janine sweetie, we are sooo singing off the same hymn sheet! I am in love with those sorel boots.. they are my absolute favourites. And even though they're bad weather boots, i like them so much i don't think i'd mind wearing them at all, bad weather or not!LOL!
      And yes to that beautiful hoody.. is it wrong that i now totally want the matching casual track pants too? Comfy, cosy, chic!XX Wishing you a lovely week!

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